Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) Review & Characters– As if You’ve Ever Tried Killing Anyone Before.

  • Episodes : 22
  • Genre : Action, Comedy, School,Shounen, Supernatural
  • Airing Date : Jan 10, 2015 - Jun 20, 2015
  • Producers :  Dentsu, FUNimation EntertainmentL, Fuji TV, DAX Production, Lerche

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu starts with the introduction of a mysterious creature who threatens to wipe out the earth. It demonstrates its power by destroying a large portion of the moon. It gives the world an opportunity to prevent its own destruction… but only if the government agrees to a few unusual demands.

This octopus-like monster requests to teach a class from the prestigious Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He explains that he will teach these students how to become assassins. He will give them one year to learn the art of assassination and to use those techniques to kill him. If they don’t, he will destroy the world. As strange as these requests are, the government has no choice but to comply in hopes that the students will obtain information able to expose a weakness in this monster. This agreement and all interactions with it are kept secret from the general public.

The class chosen to be instructed by this unkillable creature (nicknamed “Koro-sensei”) is the worst class at the infamous institute. Class E is filled with delinquents, slackers, bullies, and academically challenged children. They even have a separate campus, in a secluded forest and distant from the main school grounds, designated specifically for them.

Why did Koro-sensei choose this class filled with rejects? Why is he teaching in the first place? Where did he come from? What are his true intentions? All of these are questions that the government, faculty, and students have to figure out if they hope to neutralize this threat to humanity.

Who does Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) cater to?

This is a show for anyone interested in watching a mysterious creature interact with students on a day to day basis. Despite his immense strength, he plays the comic relief of the series. His expressions, habits, and determination to be accepted by his students all have highly comedic moments.

There is a bit of action thrown in throughout the show. But mostly it aims to attract an audience through comedy, mystery, and character growth.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

The premise is very unique. It’s not often that a creature capable of Mach 20 speed and superhuman stregnth takes it upon itself to teach a class of less than average students. Not to mention the fact that he’s teaching them how to kill him. He earnestly tries to instill the mentality and abilities that one would need to kill. In fact, the series is filled with very serious assassins who pose real threats to the children. It’s very rare and refreshing in that sense.

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Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) Main Characters List


Voice Actor :Fukuyama, Jun

The main character of the Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is nothing if not indecipherable. His origins, motives, and the extent of his abilities are all unknown. He makes his presence known by destroying a large portion of the moon and leaving it in a permanent “crescent” shape. From there he threatens to destroy Earth if his demands aren’t met.

As a teacher he is actually extraordinarily talented and determined. He sees potential in each one of his students. He does everything he can to motivate them and give them the tools necessary to be exceptional students and thus skilled assassins. His nurturing nature brings out the best in his students

Shiota Nagisa

Voice Actor :Fuchigami, Mai

This blue-haired boy is the central student in Class E. He is sometimes teased by his classmates due to his androgynous appearance. He does not stand out as having outstanding intelligence or athletic ability. Instead, he does his best to keep track of any peculiar habits or traits that Koro-Sensei exhibits. Any information that he can gather will help his classmates create a trap capable of killing their ever-vigilant teacher.

Usually quiet and collected, Nagisa can manifest a more serious side when the need arises. This character trait is something that Koro-Sensei and Karasuma notice early on in his training. His classmates have learned to depend on him when dire situations arise.

Nagisa has a liking to Koro-Sensei. His lessons and teaching style bring out the best in all the students. This fact makes their mission that much more difficult. But, make no mistake… Nagisa tries his damnedest to kill his teacher when the opportunity presents itself.

Tadaomi Karasuma

Voice Actor :Sugita, Tomokazu

Karasuma is an agent from Japan’s Ministry of Defense. He keeps an eye on Koro-Sensei and oversees his activities with Class E. He is the basically the only government agent with the assignment of working alongside Koro-Sensei in hopes of uncovering information about his origins and weaknesses.

He is highly trained and his honed his skills to the point of rivaling some of the greatest assassins in the world. He takes it upon himself to teach the students various techniques for fighting with a knife. He sees this as essential for any assassin in training. His stern instruction and professionalism is a stark contrast to Koro-Sensei’s bubbly demeanor. The students respect Karasuma and look to him for guidance on how to become better assassins.

Contains Spoilers

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) Review

I admit that I was instantly interested in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu after reading about the premise. I mean how could you not be! I assumed such a unique story would most likely be short-lived. I always make an effort to not read the manga or any additional information before watching a new series. So, I didn’t know how many episodes were allocated for this series, but I thought it would be a short 12 or 14 anime. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it would actually reach a full season of 22 episodes. Not only that, but the story hasn’t wrapped up yet.

The length is important because the anime has stuck to its original premise: the students’ primary goal is to kill Koro-Sensei. Usually strange narratives start out strong and gradually shift to a more traditional story. But, this one hasn’t. That is the core strength of this series. It’s not as if the students have grown fond of their teacher and chosen not to kill him. They constantly try to create a trap or sneak attack to take out this threat to the world.

Another great aspect of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is the multi-layered story. The subplots draw you in and really add to the overall narrative. Some of the most compelling episodes are ones that deal with the Class E students dealing with the students from other classes and with Board Chairman of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The treatment of Class E and the various assassins assigned to help instruct the students keep the series from being an "assassination attempt of the week” structure. They move the story along fluidly and allow for character development to occur naturally.

My favorite subtle nuance is the handling of Karma Akabane. He could easily be the prominent student in Class E and given the most “camera time” for each episode. With his intellect and natural abilities he should be the perfect assassin. Any problem that the students face could be solved by Akabane in minutes with minimal effort. Fortunately, this is not the case.

They’ve given him some real character flaws such as laziness, overconfidence, and indifference to many situations. He also skips class on a semi-regular basis. All of these factors have prevented him from being the most outstanding student at the school and therefore a crutch for the rest of Class E to rely on. He’s had to suffer defeats and setbacks just like everyone else. I love seeing him struggle and become a stronger person because of it.

They only complaint I could possibly think of, and this is because I’m straining my brain to come up with anything, is that Koro-Sensei has the unwavering admiration of his students. I would have liked to see him placed in a situation where he made a questionably moral decision. Perhaps something to prove that he really does intend on destroying the earth. Or they could have forced him to use his abilities with such intensity that he accidentally injured a student or trusted faculty member.

Again, these are just things to shake up his cemented status with students as trustworthy and caring. Other than that, I thought this show was awesome!

1. Nagisa vs Akira Takaoka (at the school)

I’m sure that most people prefer their second fight, in Okinawa. But, I prefer this first one because it was the first time we got to see Nagisa’s true demeanor and ability to take on a real assassin. Also, he didn’t need to use a special technique taught to him in secret. Instead, he used the fundamentals that he had learned from Koro-Sensei and Karasuma. That was all he needed to take successfully neutralize his enemy.

2. Baseball Game

This is one of my favorite episodes because it focused on another member of Class E, Tomohito Sugino. He was once a member of the school’s baseball club, but he was kicked of the team when he was transferred to Class E. The match between his new class and his former club team was very important to him and so it became important for all of his classmates. They underwent intense training with Koro-Sensei in order to stand a small chance of beating the baseball players. Eventually, it came down to a strategic battle between Koro-Sensei and Chairman Asano. This time Class E came out on top!

3. Assassination Attempt in Okinawa

The students spent countless hours coming up with the perfect plant to kill Koro-Sensei in Okinawa. They planned before their trip and spent more time prepping the surrounding area once they reached their resort. They took into consideration all of his weaknesses and used the abilities they had been honing since he first took over their curriculum. They came so close to taking him out, but Koro-Sensei had one last trump card saved for just such an attack. Though their attack was unsuccessful, it appears that they have mastered how to work together and have uncovered one more of his secrets.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu was a surprisingly entertaining anime. It wasn’t a one gimmick show that otherwise fell flat. It executes the premise perfectly while handling the subplots and nuances beautifully. I honestly can’t wait for the next season to start. I think what I’m most looking forward to is Nagisa’s progression as an assassin and an eventual showdown between Akabane and Gakashuu Asano. Seeing the two most gifted students face off would be amazing!

For once, I’m not filled with tons of questions that I’d like to get answered by the readers. I’d like not to spoil future episodes for myself. I am curious about your thoughts on this season as a whole. Let me know in the comments!

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