Psychological Thriller Anime B: The Beginning Finally Reveals All Characters!

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B: The Beginning

Drama, Thriller, Sci-fi

Airing Date:
March 2 2018

Production I.G.

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Scientists have created a new human species with the goal of universal peace. However, when the project’s end was close at hand, they were all kidnapped in a plot by an evil organization. This original series is set in the nearby future.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Keith Kazuma Flick

Voice Actor: Hiroaki Hirata

Keith belongs to a special crimes investigation unit and is a legendary investigator of RIS. Due to a past event, he has been able to use it as a way to distance himself from the current division. Those close to Keith call him ‘Geni’ (genius), and just as the name suggests, he is a genius at mathematics and has professional filing abilities. Normally, his expression rests on the wrinkle created by the furrowing of his brows, and Keith’s ability to take in everything clearly while not letting his guard down is excellent. Along with his fellow RIS members, they follow up on the serial killings related to Killer B while attempting to pull back the covers on another incident that happened over 8 years ago. However, just exactly how are these two different cases related…?


Voice Actor: Yuuki Kaji

Koku is a young boy who is a skilled craftsman who works at Lily’s family’s violin workshop. Saying that the purpose of him living in Cremona is that he is searching for someone. The power residing in his left eye is that he can conceal Lily and everyone around her. Finally, Koku has found a clue to help him search for his person, but this leads to his path crossing with the Killer B incident that Keith is investigating.

Lily Hoshina

Voice Actor: Asami Seto

Lily is a young RIS investigator. She has a strong sense of justice, an honest personality, and is the straightforward type who believes that she should follow her own path directly. With the release of the classified images, she was extremely expressive about it in contrast with Keith and Koku. As a partner to Keith, the touted legendary investigator, the two are a great pair who do not hesitate to speak their minds.

Boris Meier

Voice Actor: Minoru Inaba

Boris also belongs to the special crimes investigation unit. He is an older investigator whom Lily looks up to as someone whom she can go to for advice. He is getting close to retirement, but he still does go to investigation sites. He has known Keith for a long time, and he is one of the people who are few in number that know about the incident of the past.


Voice Actor: Kaito Ishikawa

Minazuki is the leader of a mysterious organization known as 'Market Maker,' which has all of its members apply some sort of face paint. Unlike normal people, he has a special ability, and if it is to ensure a victory, this cold-blooded man will use any methods available. He appears to be after Koku, but what exactly is the purpose of 'Market Maker'??


Voice Actor: Satomi Satou

Yuna is a member of Market Maker and is a sweet young girl constantly found at Minazuki’s side. Other than the dress that she wears, she also has a cape with a hood that she wears as part of her character setup. Her true mission seems to be wrapped in mystery.


Voice Actor: Yuu Kitada

Raika is one of Minazuki’s subordinates and normally he follows Minazuki around and continues to support him as his trusted friend.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: The Perfect World by Marty Friedman feat. Jean-Ken Johnny, KenKen

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kazuto Nakazawa, Production I.G.
  • Director: Kazuto Nakazawa, Yoshinobu Yamakawa
  • Script: Katsuya Ishida
  • Character Design: Kazuto Nakazawa
  • Animation Director: Kazuto Nakazawa
  • Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music: Yoshihiro Ike

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