Bad Boys, Happy Home Vol. 1 - Love at First Punch? [Manga]

Love at first sight might be a cute concept, but it’s also very overrated. Yes, it’s nice to see two young boys falling in love the moment they see each other, but there are other ways to go about a romance story. In the case of Bad Boys, Happy Home, the main characters fall in love after some rough encounters. Plus, not everything is fluff with this story; there is also some drama that will make you want to protect these two.

An Energetic Young Man

Almost every teenager goes through a phase when they have a lot of energy to go around. Aisuke is no exception: he just wants to fight all day. Luckily for him, he found the perfect wrestling partner, a mysterious boy who’s always at the park near his house. Even though they fight every single day, Aisuke is still unable to win, but he’s convinced he’ll be able to defeat the boy soon enough.

After a few days, Aisuke realizes something: he doesn’t know the boy’s name! Far from being ashamed, he asks him and finds out the stranger goes by Seven. With that out of the way, he challenges Seven again and loses. What does it take to defeat such a strong guy? Day after day, Aisuke has to endure punches to the face that leave him nearly unconscious on the ground. Still, he always goes back to the park. When Seven announces that he’s going to leave the park, Aisuke freaks out. He can’t lose his rival! Desperate to have him stay, Aisuke makes Seven an offer he can’t turn down.

The Beginning of it All

Since Seven doesn’t have a place where to sleep, Aisuke tells him he should stay at his house with him, because he lives alone. Although Seven hardly knows Aisuke, the offer is too good to be true, so he accepts. That’s how these two start living together. Aisuke is over the moon because he has his rival (and mentor) sleeping under the same roof as him, and he thinks it’s going to be a great chance to learn a trick or two from him.

It doesn’t take long for Aisuke and Seven to start behaving like newlyweds, shopping for clothes and buying matching cups and keychains. It’s so cute seeing them like that! Even though Seven wasn’t going to stay for long, he decided to stay with Aisuke for three months. That’s why they get an extra futon; after all, no man would want to share a futon with another man, right? Everything seems to be going great for these two until they take a bath together and Seven grabs Aisuke’s parts?!

There’s Always a Secret

Aisuke complains because he hasn’t been able to satisfy his needs ever since Seven started living with him, so Seven offers his help. Without waiting for an answer, he starts touching Aisuke down there… After that, Aisuke runs away and Seven is about to chase him when a guy who looks exactly like Aisuke shows up. The boy is Aisuke’s twin, and he thinks that Seven is his brother’s boyfriend. That’s how Seven finds out that Aisuke likes boys and he immediately feels bad for what he’s done.

When Seven finds Aisuke in the park, he apologizes and brings him back to the house where he promises not to touch him again without his consent. Everything seems to be fine but, just before the first volume is over, we catch a glimpse of the drama that’s yet to come. Who are these strange men who are trying to find Seven? What is the young man hiding? There are a lot of things that we’re dying to find out!

Final Thoughts

Volume 1 ends in a cliffhanger that just makes our minds run wild. Sadly, we have no other choice other than to wait and see what comes with Volume 2. Just from this volume, we can tell the story is going to be both fluffy and angsty, and we’re here for it!

Bad Boys, Happy Home is one of those BL stories that melt the heart, with adorable characters and cute art. If you want to read it in English, the first volume comes out in July, thanks to SuBLime.

bad-boys-happy-home Bad Boys, Happy Home Vol. 1 - Love at First Punch? [Manga]

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