BanG Dream! Announces OVA and More!

What You Need to Know:

  • BanG Dream debuted a few weeks ago in the Winter bloc, and it has been enjoying rather explosive poplarity. Much like a western leader, BanG Dream seems to have a lot of time on their hands to announce things via twitter! Yesterday they made four large announcements much to the joy of fans.
  • First, they announced that their 4th live concert would be at the prestigious Nippon Budokan Hall on August 21st. There will be advance ticket applications to those fans who purchase the 1st Blu-ray which goes on sale May 24th. Next was a brand new OVA had been ordered! It will be released with Blu-ray Vol. 7 which comes out on November 22nd. It will also be releasing tickets for a live stage for which, applications for advance screening will be with Vol. 2 set to be out on June 21st. Next was the announcement that character song albums will be released gradually and will feature original songs from each of the girls.
  • The final announcement was that the OST for the series has been confirmed to be released as well. For those who pick up a limited edition, they will also get a Blu-ray of BanG Dream! Second☆LIVE Starrin'PARTY 2016! from last year! Wow! What a big announcement for BanG Dream! fans. Are you going to try and get some of this swag? Let us know below!

BanG Dream Twitter

honey-surprised1 BanG Dream! Announces OVA and More!
They... are totally cashing in on the fans...
honey-surprised1 BanG Dream! Announces OVA and More!
Nah not really. If you love the series, you should support it is all. The perks look great!

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