Battle Royale For the Throne - Last Round Arthurs

  • Mangaka : Taro Hitsuji, Kiyotaka Haimura
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Fantasy, Action, Adventure
  • Published : July 2019 - Ongoing

Last Round Arthurs Introduction

Knights, the valorous and chivalrous profession, have been the subject matter of countless folk, tales, epics, and basically every literary form. Still, we can’t get enough of it. Probably one of the most famous knights that may or may not have lived is King Arthur of Camelot. The legend goes that King Arthur, who was once a noble knight, pulled out the legendary sword, Excalibur, from a slab of stone. Before him, hundreds have tried to pull it, but to no avail. While wielding the legendary sword, it was said that King Arthur had vanquished many foes. But what happened to his descendants throughout the ages?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Last Round Arthurs follows the story of King Arthur’s descendants. With a splash of magic and fantasy, eleven of his descendants get to battle each other for the throne. Each descendant is called a king. As the king, they have also entitled a jack each. The jack is actually a knight from the round table that has served King Arthur himself. In addition to that, each king also wields their own Excalibur, and each Excalibur has a unique skill of its own. We will be following the one that’s been labeled the weakest king, Luna Artur.

Why You Should Read Last Round Arthurs

1. A Heap of Fun

You see, it’s an understatement to call Luna Artur as an oddball. For one, she uses her knight, Sir Kay, to do very weird jobs. That includes being an idol to boost her campaign to become the school’s student council president. Oh, yeah, and there’s that escort job too. Obviously, such jobs are unfitting for a noble knight. Still, it’s because of that that a lot of hilarity ensues. In addition to that, Luna loves doing whatever she wants to do. When she has decided to make Rintarou her vassal, she is very adamant that the only way they can seal their new relationship is by Rintarou licking her shoes.

2. Reimagining Knighthood

In our minds, being a knight means being chivalrous and free of stain. We can’t generalize from just the first volume, but Last Round Arthur definitely doesn’t go by that natural definition. For Last Round Arthur, being a knight, from the round table at least, means doing the bids of their kings. Sir Kay is the perfect example of that. After all, which knight in their right mind would agree to wear a bunny suit?

3. An Interesting Main Character

As we’ve said, Luna Artur is an oddball, but the good kind. Her personality is somewhat similar to Monkey D. Luffy. It’s just that she’s way smarter than him. Unlike Luffy, Luna actually schemes pretty well. Like Luffy, however, her selfish decisions somehow make things both more interesting and fun. She also has this mysterious facade that makes us think that she’s actually deeper than what she seems. So, which is what actually? We guess we’ll find out in the future volumes.

Final Thoughts

Last Round Arthurs brings a new, interesting concept to the (round) table. Instead of the typical knight must save the world trope, this series brings us into a battle royale to decide the next heir to the throne. What does that exactly mean, you ask? We’re glad that you did. That means an amalgamation of action, hilarity, and craziness in one!

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