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Talking animals, people turning to animals, half-animals-half-humans, and even animals being part of the society has been a common scene in the world of manga and anime. However, it’s not everyday we see animals living in a society built by and for animals. We’re talking about animals not trying to act like humans doing human things. We’re talking about animals living in modern society, wherein each animal’s distinct natural qualities are considered. That includes huge carnivores like bears needing to take mass reduction pills to help them control their strengths.

With all these considerations done and taken note of, it is of no exaggeration to say that Beastars is a unique and new concept. The series launched with the mystery of a Tem’s, an alpaca, death. The initial 80 or so chapters of the series revolved around Cherryton High, which was a renowned academy for animals. Since we’re talking about murder and action here, we’re definitely curious about whose going to be on top if we pit all the animals within the school grounds together. Here are our top 5 contenders.

5. Aoba the Bald Eagle

Since the series primarily focused around the drama club, our selection was almost limited to the members of this club. As one of the few carnivores within the club, it was a close call between Aoba and Tao the Black Panther. Both Tao and Aoba were kind, compassionate animals, but Tao has a tendency to be afraid. On the other hand, Aoba possesses an ability to think like an adult when the situation calls for it. This was evident when the carnivores decided to go to the black market, and Aoba chose to accept the reality of the world.

If we put Tao against Aoba in a deathmatch, we imagine Tao to succumb to fear and refuse to fight. On the other hand, Aoba might realize their situation faster and go for the kill. Of course, nothing of this sort actually happened, so this remains a theory.

4. Bill the Bengal Tiger

Unlike Tao and Aoba, Bill is presented as a strong and aggressive carnivore. He is an animal that didn’t bother to pretend about hiding his carnal desires. In fact, he was the one who egged the other carnivores in the drama club to go to the black market and check the world of adults. Given his very forward personality and strength for being a Bengal tiger, Bill was one of the prime suspects of being Tem’s murderer. This suspicion even escalated to a fight.

When Legoshi found out that Bill was secretly ingesting blood during his investigations, he made sure to confront him about it. Of course, Bill just didn’t let Legoshi berate him. In the guise of performance, they literally brawled on stage. Although Legoshi managed to sneak a couple of punches in, Bill easily handed his ass back to him. More so, he ended up having a few nasty claw scars on his back.

3. Legoshi the Gray Wolf

Legoshi is the series protagonist. As a gray wolf, his species also gifted Legoshi with great strength. However, his kind and pleasant personality led to him hiding his innate strengths most, if not at all, times. Of course, the series would be bland if he remained that way. So even though he got his ass handed back to him a couple of times, he always had the power of the plot alongside him, which is the primary reason as to why he is above Bill.

One of the plot devices Legoshi acquired was meeting our ever so favorite, Goushin the panda. He may initially be weaker than Bill, but he definitely gradually and consistently grew under Goushin’s tutelage. If given the chance for him to fight Bill again before graduating, we are willing to put our month’s salary on Legoshi.

2. Riz the Brown Bear

First and foremost, yes, Riz is a brown bear. Why is he not a grizzly bear, you say? Well, we also don’t know. Anyway, Riz was Tem’s real murderer. We’ll cut the drama about the friendship thingy and get to his physical prowess. Being a brown bear, the amount of muscle within Riz is so big that he is required to take muscle reduction pills. However, these pills couldn’t do anything to his sharp claws and teeth.

You may be wondering why we put Riz above Legoshi, the protagonist. Well, our answer to that is simply because Riz is stronger than Legoshi. At least until before they graduate. We’re not simply theorizing about that. When Legoshi found out the truth, he faced Riz in a one-on-one match. During that time, Riz had beaten Legoshi black and blue. If not for Louis’s sacrifice, Legoshi wouldn’t have defeated Riz.

1. Rokume the Rattlesnake

Rokume is the one and only security personnel in Cherryton High. Rokume literally slithers around school protecting it from evil. Although we haven’t seen her fight, her massive size alone gives us the impression of how much damage she can do. Heck, she was double, maybe even more, Legoshi’s size. Plus given that she’s a rattlesnake, which has one of the deadliest venoms, we’re certain she can easily beat everyone on this list.

Bonus: Louis the Red Deer

To anybody who has read the manga, Louis is easily eliminated from even being considered for this list. We mean, he wouldn’t even hold a candle against Aoba in terms of strength. After all, he’s just a meager red deer. However, that line ends as to where strength is concerned. Louis possesses great insight, survivability, connections, and intellect than most characters in this series. He literally survived more death encounters than Legoshi. In fact, he survived going to a lion’s den and even ended up as their leader. Talk about being a bad buck.

With Shishigumi at his beck and call plus the fact that he played a crucial role in defeating Riz to finally close the case of Tem’s murder, we believe that it is only correct to include Louis on this list.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Beastars gives off a very weird vibe. We mean, the characters are literally animals. It’s a bit difficult to relate to them or even get excited. It may be just us, but we feel that’s kind of a risk. However, that risk definitely paid off. Beastars’ popularity has skyrocketed for good reasons. With the anime getting more traction, the fanbase is sure to expand. If you think that pitting Beastars characters against each other in this sweet animal slice of life series, then you’re in for some surprise.

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