5 Best Memes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Just like every modern Fire Emblem game, Three Houses has served as a delightful font of memes for the internet crowd. The characters are all vibrant and interact with each other in hilarious ways, the game’s mechanics can be unintentionally awkward at times, and many of the English voice actors have thrown their hats into the meme ring through Twitter and YouTube videos. But, among this sea of memes, which are the funniest and most creative? In no particular order, here are our favorites!

1. Seteth Says

Archbishop Rhea’s second-in-command Seteth can be a bit of a stick in the mud. He’s baffled by Rhea’s insistence on trusting you with so many important matters and is comedically overprotective of his naïve sister Flayn... but, for some reason, he constantly asks you for favors. This has led to fans creating their own “missions from Seteth”, where he begs for your help with issues like Flayn getting griefed on the monastery’s Minecraft server or both of them being trapped in a McDonald’s playplace. Seteth’s voice actor Mark Whitten has even voiced several of them!

2. Upside Down Claude

The game’s box art features the three house leaders striking poses in a triangle formation above main character Byleth, with Claude hanging upside down with his bow and arrow ready to fire. Of course, since Claude is a trickster and a bit of a troll, fans have decided that he likes hanging upside down at every opportunity just to annoy everyone else. One of our favorites is a fan art by Diyuki where post-timeskip Claude shoves Dimitri and Edelgard’s faces together to force the feuding friends to finally make up.

3. Joe Zieja Clowning Around on Twitter

Speaking of Claude, his memelord reputation grows more and more each day thanks to his English voice actor Joe Zieja. He made his own version of the upside-down Claude meme (doing a handstand while Dimitri and Edelgard’s voice actors hold him up), started a “war” on Twitter after hearing that the Black Eagles were the most popular house, and riffed on timeskip Dimitri’s edgy demeanor by doing an impression of him in silly scenarios. He’s truly a treasure to the Fire Emblem community, and we can’t wait to see what madness he gets up to next.

4. Sneaky Eating Challenge

4-Sneaky-Eating-Challenge-500x273 5 Best Memes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Inspired by a challenge video invented by K-pop group Red Velvet, Anime Impulse’s YouTube channel held a “sneaky eating challenge” with a handful of voice actors from Three Houses (those of Ignatz, Claude, Dimitri, Dorothea/Shamir, Petra, Ferdinand, Seteth, and Flayn). They had to survive a classroom lecture from “Byleth” while eating as many snacks as possible without getting caught. Highlights include Ferdinand’s VA Billy Kametz inhaling an entire Fruit Roll-up in five seconds, Dorothea’s VA Allegra Clark singing “hoes mad” to the tune of Carmen, and Seteth’s VA Mark Whitten correctly listing all of the saints with a smug look on his face. We highly recommend it!

5. Parody Twitter Exchanges

A fan on Twitter called Coolfest1999 (real name Annie) created an entire fake log of tweets between the students and faculty of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Everything, from the profile pictures to the handles to the typing styles, is spot-on and gut-bustingly funny. We particularly love Claude commissioning a risqué portrait of himself from Ignatz, Raphael drawing his friends, Felix getting banned for threatening Dimitri and Ashe online, and Byleth somehow tweeting from a fish. Check these logs out – they’re endlessly entertaining!

Final Thoughts

We also enjoy any and all memes about Dimitri’s edgelord attitude, the peppy gatekeeper, and Flayn’s love for fish. But which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

4-Sneaky-Eating-Challenge-500x273 5 Best Memes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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