Best Moments from Log Horizon Season 2: Mid-Season Review [Ep. 13]

The prolific devil in glasses has returned for the second season with a vengeance! From the season one monster we all came to love to the semi-leader of an entire populous, all the while satisfying the People of the Land.

Not just Shiroe, but the whole crew is back with some new friends added as well, making the second part of this grand adventure something you really don’t want to miss out on!

Challenging the System

Discovering this is basically where the second season truly begins, granting us, the fortunate viewers, the knowledge that they are doing more than just facing a simple enemy or a simple raid. While it’s made more than a little obvious that the main focus of this half is on the raid that begins early on, it’s the meaning behind it that makes it an amazing half.

As shown in episode 12, the raid was meant to do something big and we were all under the assumption that it was all to get money to pay for the expenses that owning all the main buildings in Akihabara caused. What we discovered though was that it wasn’t for that at all: it was actually to get the money to purchase the entire location and give it back to itself, making it impossible to purchase land entirely.

The Raid

While I did state the main focus wasn’t on the raid itself, it still holds a very big part of the show this first half. But it really never fails to let you down at all, so don’t worry about that! It’s one of the best parts about the show, the massive fights, the nigh unbeatable enemy bosses and the proof on how and why our favorite characters are just that, our favorite.

The raid begins and Shiroe, with the help from a very reputable raiding guild, venture off to attempt a raid never before attempted by anyone (even when it was still just a game!). They come to the first boss and quickly realize this won’t be just like every other raid they’ve been on before. Bosses are repeated from old raids so they’re confident in the beginning – that is until they discover the bosses have been buffed with all new stats and skills! For me, raiding was my favorite part of this half of the season.

The Christmas Square-Off

Another of the best parts is when Nerelith gains the armor of the Royal Guard and everyone remaining in Akihabara has to fight him to stop the PK’ing (Player Killing). Because he has the armor of the Royal Guard and the soul from a Person of the Land trapped inside the sword he’s wielding, the other Royal Guards cannot stop him. Well, to rephrase, they don’t bother trying because they’re programmed to stop PK’s from players, not the People of the Land.

The ladies remaining in Akihabara take it upon themselves to stop the slaughter and the fight that ensues is one of the best I’ve seen Akatsuki in. After a brief training montage (montage, yeah!) she goes to confront the man that killed her before he has a chance to cause more damage than he already has. With the help of the West Wind Brigade, they completely shut off the defense system making his armor powerless and subsequently defeat him.

The Demikas Rage Bearer

While episode 12 gave us plenty of raiding action, the complete mind game twist I mentioned in the Challenging the System section comes into play, giving us the full scope of Shiroe’s plans.The fight itself was absolutely incredible and the conclusion to the hatred Demikas has for Shiroe and vice versa as he saves Shiroe, tossing him to the floor right in front of the last door.

After episode upon episode of foreshadowing how he’s going to ruin everything, he really saved the day with this one!

With the conclusion of the first half ending with a funny little Valentine’s Day filler episode to cool things down from the incredibly action packed past few episodes, we conclude the first half. All I can say is you can rest assured I’m personally going to finish this series off, and you should too! You can find the official trailer for the show on the NHK Enterprises official website here!

by Nathaniel Loomis

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