Best Anime OPs of Fall 2020 – 5 Great Bops for Your Playlist!

The anime industry has finally gotten back into full swing after the relative drought that was Summer 2020, and with the abundance of new shows comes an abundance of new openings to gush over! We’ve got heart-pounding shounen anthems, mysterious EDM-inspired tracks, and even though it’s not a full-length anime, we can’t forget to mention the Pokémon special music video “GOTCHA!” featuring the song “Acacia” by BUMP OF CHICKEN, which perfectly captures the feeling of growing up with the Pokémon games. Let’s get started with the best anime OPs of Fall 2020!

5. “Torch of Liberty” by KANA-BOON from Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou (Fire Force Season 2)

Fire Force has a pretty good track record of openings that spit straight fire (sorry), and “Torch of Liberty” is no exception. The fine folks over at David Production have blessed us with fluid, dynamic animation that fits the upbeat rhythm of the music perfectly, while also taking time to slow down for more somber moments like the glimpses at Maki, Oubi, and Hinawa’s backstories. We also like how they managed to make Inca, a known psychotic murderer, cute for a brief moment. It’s sure to get you fired up (sorry again) and singing along in no time!

4. “I Believe What You Said” by Asaka from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou

The triumphant return of Higurashi deserves a disturbingly delightful OP to match its predecessors (particularly the legendary first opening), and this new season definitely delivers with the chilling dubstep infused “I Believe What You Said” by Asaka. Electronic beats underscore the passionate female vocal track as familiar characters and scenes fill the screen, complete with a creepy film grain filter over everything. Perhaps it leans too much into the nostalgia factor, but we really liked the little nods to previous openings like Rika’s desperate running and delicately picking up a broken object from “Naraku no Hana”. This song will certainly get you into the Halloween spirit!

3. “BREAKING DAWN” by Jaejoong from Noblesse

After the previous two Webtoon anime (Tower of God and The God of High School) had such memorable openings, it was up to Noblesse to continue the trend. Luckily, this pretty boy vampire (?) show makes its mark on the OP landscape with “BREAKING DAWN” by K-pop veteran Jaejoong, an irresistibly catchy tune accompanied with beautiful animation that gets viewers hyped for Raizel and Frankenstein’s adventures in modern day Korea – uh, we mean Japan. Look – even if Noblesse turns out to be a gorgeous train wreck, at least we have this OP to jam to before every episode.

2. “Everlasting Shine” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER from Black Clover

Honestly, who gave Black Clover the right to have such banger OPs every single time? We previously featured “Black Catcher” by Vickeblanka on our Winter 2020 list, and now this bombastic shounen series is back with “Everlasting Shine” by the K-Pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER. The song itself is amazing, but we particularly love the integration of the credits into the animation, as names fade in and out with scenes and the curving lines meld with character movement. If Black Clover keeps this up, it’s bound to be on many “best OP” lists to come!

1. “Kaikai Kitan” by Eve from Jujutsu Kaisen

“Kaikai Kitan” may not be our number one song of the season in isolation, but paired with MAPPA’s eye-gasm inducing animation, it makes for an absolutely stunning OP. The creativity here is off the charts, with standout moments like Maki’s glasses gradually revealing a monster standing right in front of her and the superpowered panda parkouring across rooftops. Yuuji’s struggle against Sukuna’s possession is also beautifully represented with water rising around his feet and the supernatural lines on his face opening to reveal extra eyes and mouths. If being Shounen Jump’s next big franchise hasn’t already convinced you to check out Jujutsu Kaisen, this OP certainly will.

Final Thoughts

We also enjoyed the grim beauty of “Broken Sky” from Talentless Nana, the driving beat of “Sacred world” from Assault Lily: Bouquet, the unique papercraft art style of “Kisoutengai Fushigi wo Douzo” from Fushigi Dagashiya: Zenitendou, and the nostalgic charm of “Ikuru wo Suru” from Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken. But what were your favorite OPs of Fall 2020? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Higurashi-no-Naku-Koro-ni-Gou-Wallpaper Best Anime OPs of Fall 2020 – 5 Great Bops for Your Playlist!


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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