Best Weapons to Use for CQC in PUBG

PUBG-cqc-560x315 Best Weapons to Use for CQC in PUBG


The world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be a truly overwhelming ordeal, especially when you’re in the thick of things and have no idea of what to do. Without a bulletproof gameplan much of your experience will most likely be in the lobby section of the game because you’ll be dying a lot. While dying in the game is certainly a part of the overall experience, dying too much due to careless practice or lack of pivotal information on the battlefield can result in you feeling a lack of motivation to want to continue. Let’s be honest, we all want to win at something whether it be at something as simple as a game of Solitaire, or even the more complex world of Chess. We know how taxing it can be to come into a game unaware of what to do, especially in PUBG where the action is always constant and there’s no room for consistent error.

CQC, otherwise known as Close Quarters Combat is a term ubiquitous within the shooting game genre and covers the type of combat which takes place in close range between you and the opponent, or opponents. In this article we’re going to look at a few CQC weapons that we feel will help you score early game kills and also help to develop more confidence for mid to late game. These of course are just a few of the weapons you’ll discover in PUBG, so we encourage you to test out the different tools to see just which one best suits you in each scenario you encounter!

S686 [Shotgun]

The Shotgun category in PUBG is quite menacing and if you end up with any one of the Shotguns in this game, chances are you already have an early lead on the enemy. While any choice of Shotgun will carry you well past the 60 man mark there’s just one that will pretty much secure a kill once you learn to master it, and that’s the S686 otherwise known as the illustrious Double Barrell Shotgun. You’ve most likely seen this gun featured in blockbuster films and of course a plethora of shooters, and for good reason. The S686 is hands down the most powerful Shotgun in PUBG with a base damage of 25, and bullet speed of 375 making it also the fastest in the entire category. While it lacks in ammunition when compared to the other Shotguns it makes up in sheer destructive power, and with only 2 rounds locked in the chamber those shells are only aiming to kill.

When we mean speed this gun fires off those 2 rounds in quick succession, leaving your enemy little time to react especially in CQC where a lot of pressure is on. The power is more than enough to destroy a level 2 helmet and level 2 armor clean, and will most likely destroy anyone with level 3 gear as well on the second shell. Equip this gun with Bullet Loops and a Shotgun Choke and it’s pretty much lights out for anyone who stands face to face with the other end of the barrell. Did we also mention that this Shotgun can also kill at mid range? It’s rare for a Shotgun to pull off such a feat with such a spread but the S686 is a rare breed and if you practice well enough your enemy will be red kool aid in no time.

Honey's Pros:

  • Explosive firepower up close.
  • Shots come out in quick succession making it very hard to react to in CQC.
  • Strongest Shotgun in the game.

Honey's Cons:

  • Only comes with 2 rounds so shots must count at all times.

UMP9 [Submachine Gun]

Similar to the Shotgun category there are quite a number of weapons to choose from, but none seem to surpass the effectiveness of the UMP9. This gun is very popular among PUBG elite and even those learning the game because the UMP9 is the quintessential SMG to run around with. It has exceptional firepower up close, can deal mid range damage, and if you’re a god with it this gun can be a mini sniper to clip enemies out in the open. It’s what we’d call a very ‘Beginner Friendly’ weapon (as you’ll read in our beginner’s weapon guide if you haven’t checked it out!) because it helps you to pretty much learn how to aim correctly, and it’s very easy to find in the massive open world of PUBG. Due to its versatility it can be used for just about any scenario you find yourself in, but in CQC this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

Grab this weapon and let your enemies know who the real head honcho is because this gun will tear you up in close range combat. Its base damage is 35 making it the second highest in terms of damage, second only to the Tommy Gun. However, you combine that with the fastest initial bullet speed in its category (400) and you’ve found yourself a swiss cheese maker. Anyone on the opposing side of the UMP9 will need to find cover fast because once you have your aim set on the enemy, they won’t have very far to run. The UMP9 has 3 firing modes to choose from: Single, Burst and Auto, all with their own pros and cons depending on the situation. For starters just keep this gun on auto during CQC and you’ll be taking enemies out in no time. The UMP9 also has a nice assortment of slots (4) to choose from so you tack on a grip, magazines, muzzles and sights to make this gun even more threatening. The downside to this weapon is that while it can do just about everything it’s not necessarily masterful at one thing, but in this case it’s not really an issue if your opponent can’t deal with the insane amount of fire it dishes out.

Honey's Pros:

  • Incredibly fast rate of fire.
  • All around weapon which works in various scenarios.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • 4 slots allow for great customization loadouts.

Honey's Cons:

  • Master of nothing.

R1895 [Pistols]

While the R1895 is listed under the Pistol category in PUBG it’s actually a revolver, which takes the same ammunition as the AKM. For more details about the R1895 check out our beginner’s weapon guide, but for now let’s get straight into the action. The R1895 is hands down the most powerful handgun in PUBG and can be described as a mini Shotgun because the minute you get hit with this, there’s not much left to look at. The range on the gun is a little higher than average and can hit targets from relatively far, but still within a 200 meter radius. It’s no sniper of course but if you aim well enough there’s very little your opponent can do to stop it because this can kill you instantly. The other Pistols have the added benefit of having faster reload times and a large magazine to deal with, along with the P18C (Glock) having the ability to auto fire in CQC. However all the other guns don’t deal a great amount of damage and so it’s not as intimidating as the R1895 that hits you like a truck if you’re too close. 1 or 2 shots should pretty much kill an enemy and if you put the suppressor on it no one will know what hit them.

It’s base damage is a whopping 46 which actually ranks higher than the S686 which is the strongest Shotgun in the game, so that should give you enough information. Its bullet speed is only rivaled by the P92 which does 50 more (330 vs 380 respectively) but the body hit impact power is where it truly hurts, at a monstrous 8,000. So once again, if someone tries to be brave and confront you in CQC with the R1895 in hand you can be certain that they’ll be on the floor in seconds, and you can collect the delicious loot from their corpse.

Honey's Pros:

  • Can blow your head clean off in CQC with ease.
  • The best pistol(revolver) in PUBG.
  • Monstrous damage.

Honey's Cons:

  • Very slow reload times so find cover as you reload.
  • A little slow on bullet speed compared to P92.
  • Limited attachment options.

Pan [Melee]

So if you aren’t able to knab one of the big ticket items we mentioned earlier and are running low on options, then it’s best to opt for the best melee weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Frying Pan. This tool of destruction will fry just about anyone’s brain, leaving a nice scrambled mess on the floor. Not only can it used to dish out the damage close range but it also acts as a protective device should you find yourself in enemy fire. It’s been labelled the ‘arse protector’ for lack of a better term and it rightly does so. If you’re running away from the enemy and they try to aim for your backside you can be rest assured knowing your butt will take no damage at all. The pan will ricochet any bullet that touches it making it a nice shield and as we said earlier, a couple swings with this thing and the enemy is out cold.

This is likely to be your last resort tool should you find yourself lacking in any powerful guns but with there being so many weapons dispersed all around PUBG, you will most likely just use this to protect your arse in the line of fire.

Honey's Pros:

  • Very powerful melee tool that can kill in 1 to 2 hits.
  • Arse protector.

Honey's Cons:

  • It's a little slow to swing so make sure the hit connects.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Of course there’s a lot of weapons to choose from in PUBG and perhaps there will be more additions to come in later patches, but for now these weapons will surely guarantee some early game kills and help you to build confidence going into the the mid-late games. We hope that you found this article to be resourceful as you make your way to the top of the leaderboards, and hopefully grab that nice delicious Chicken Dinner that awaits you. Until then just continue practicing, find the right weapons that suit you best and most importantly, have fun! For all things related to Japan’s popular subculture be sure to check out our wonderful assortment of articles, should you need some extra information there also!

PUBG-cqc-560x315 Best Weapons to Use for CQC in PUBG
I'm really loving the S686 more and more as I play this game. It has the maximum power I need to survive in early bouts.
PUBG-cqc-560x315 Best Weapons to Use for CQC in PUBG
Give me that revolver and I'm laughing to the bank!