Best Weapons to Use for Long Range in PUBG

PUBG-long-range-560x315 Best Weapons to Use for Long Range in PUBG


So you’re probably wondering as you read this, “How come you skipped the mid-ranged weapons?”. Don’t worry there’s good reason for this because the mid-ranged weapons require a little more time to get accustomed to due to their rapid fire rates, but the long ranged weapons are a lot steadier and all that’s needed to succeed with them is patience. Of course your aim needs to be on point as well since you don’t want to miss any shots with these, but the important thing to take away from this is that long ranged weapons in PUBG are generally very strong and can net you kills quick. They will certainly take some time to master but we assume that you’ll be playing PUBG for the long haul, so be as meticulous as you want in order to get the maximum potential out of each weapon. As a reminder this is just a small selection of guns we’re showcasing due to their popularity, consistency and other major variants that we’ll cover as well so please experiment with other weapons to further develop your skills! With that being said let’s hop straight into the best weapons to use for long range in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

Mini14 [Sniper Rifle]

The Mini14 is a weapon that a lot of players use because of it’s higher than average rate of fire and it’s respectable damage from long range. It’s credited with having the fastest bullet speed in the game, at 990, making it very hard for enemies to react or run away from when they’re sighted. Due to the high speed and solid rate of fire the Mini14 is an incredibly deadly gun, especially when you equip the right attachments like extended magazines, suppressor and of course a scope (we recommend red dot or 8x for starters). We say the red dot sight because one of the great aspects about it is that it will help you on acquiring tunnel vision meaning, your level of focus will improve since you don’t have a scope to guide you. The only thing you have is a small dot which means your patience and accuracy will improve dramatically if you continue to practice using it. Once you pop on the 8x scope after using the RDS it’ll make sniping people so much easier since your vision will always be focused instead of spread out.

The Mini14’s base damage is 44 which is quite low in the sniper category but it makes up for that in its incredible bullet speed, low base spread (5, which means that when you shoot your bullet’s don’t stray off course so easily) and just overall consistently in almost any situation.

Honey's Pros:

  • Fastest bullet speed for rifles in the game.
  • Solid rate of fire and great recoil control.
  • Low base spread which means bullets will not miss too often.

Honey's Cons:

  • Low in overall power.

M16A4 [Assault Rifle]

There will be some guns that you’ll probably find on the mid-range list and this is certainly one of them. The M16A4 can deal massive damage from both mid-range and long range making it the ideal weapon for mid-late game situations. It has the fastest bullet speed in its category and comes with a nice amount of damage (41 base damage) which can secure you kills when there’s an advantage. It’s time between shots is very quick (0.075s) meaning that you can fire off a number of shots to ensure your enemy stops dead in their tracks, and will be able to take out level 2 helmets with only a few bullets. It comes with a lackluster 3 slots however meaning you’re only able to use magazines, muzzles and sights.

This brings the M16A4 down a notch in ranking because due to its high rate of fire, the recoil can oftentimes result in misfires if you’re not careful which can lead to you dying. It’s important to note that, while the M16A4 is an incredibly powerful weapon it will require some practice to really use effectively, so learning how to control the recoil will reward you greatly in the long run. It’s a common item and a very popular one so you’ll have no problem finding it out in the open, but make sure to put on the right attachments like a quick draw magazine and red dot sight so you can rack up more kills on your hitlist.

Honey's Pros:

  • Solid rate of fire both at mid-range and long.
  • Great base damage.
  • Beginner friendly.

Honey's Cons:

  • Doesn't allow for too much customization outside of 3 slots.
  • Recoil rate is a bit high meaning you'll need to control your shots a bit more.

SCAR-L [Assault Rifle]

Where the M16A4 lacks in recoil control the SCAR-L is a complete package that in the right hands, makes it a top contender for best non-crate weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Not only does it dish out a copious amount of damage from afar, you can do so without worrying too much about your shots straying off course. It’s body hit impact power sits at 9,000 making it a bit stronger than the M16A4 but it’s bullet speed sits at 870 making it slightly slower than the M16A4. This only means that your bullets may take a little more time to reach the target if they’re very far away and so, making sure to lead your shots (basically aiming ahead of where your opponent will be next in order for the bullet to connect) is imperative. In the sweet spot however and the SCAR-L can take out just about anybody without much effort, should your aim be on point of course.

We suggest using the red dot sight to get a feel for how the gun works, and even its default ironsight is very reliable so give that a shot. Of course if you can find a 2x scope, 4x scope or 8x scope (15x is rare to grab) then you’ll be in a great position, but if you can’t then relying on the ironsight will suffice. The SCAR-L is your all around tool of destruction and while it lacks in bullet speed it makes up for that in almost every other area, making this gun the go to weapon for beginners and vets alike.

Honey's Pros:

  • All around wicked weapon for anyone to use.
  • Pound for pound the best AR in the game.
  • Monstrous damage and awesome recoil control.

Honey's Cons:

  • Slow bullet speed will mean you'll need to lead shots at farther ranges.

AWM [Sniper Rifle]

If you’re lucky enough to find this in a crate and survive the onslaught of bullets racing towards you in order to prevent you from taking it, then chances are you’re in a great sniping advantage. The AWM is hands down the best sniper in the game and for good reason, since its base damage sits at a daunting 132 which means you’re in no way surviving a shot even with a level 3 helmet on. This gun is so powerful that it comes with its own unique rounds and that too can only be found in crates within PUBG, so once you obtain this be sure not to waste any shots. The AWM is a bolt-action rifle meaning that the time it takes for you to reload will be quite slow in relation to other rifles, but throw on a nice quick draw magazine to this bad boy and you’ll have no problems.

The only major downside to this gun is that well, it’s crate only and so you’ll have to fight with your life in order to get the golden ticket and that my friend is no easy task. With that in mind it’s only the best gun in the game if you can obtain it but if you can’t, then the Karabiner 98 Kurz aka the KAR is the best bolt-action sniper in the game (we’ll get to that shortly). Little needs to be said about the AWM because it’s a monster sniper rifle as stated by its in game description, so like your life be sure to hold onto this one dearly and use it wisely.

Honey's Pros:

  • A monster sniper rifle. Enough Said.
  • Best sniper in the game.

Honey's Cons:

  • Crate only which means you'll need to fight for it, or get lucky.

Karabiner 98 Kurz [Sniper Rifle]

You all know it as the KAR and we rank this sniper rifle very highly on the list of long ranged weapons to use in PUBG. While it suffers in the reload category much like its AWM brethren it just deals a ton of damage and has immaculate accuracy with the right scope attached. Even without one its ironsight is great and can pick off enemies from a very long distance. The M24 packs more base damage at 82 while the KAR only does 72, but much like the AWM the M24 is a crate only weapon so you’re putting your life at risk just to obtain one. The KAR can be found just about anywhere within the game making it a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, and with the right attachments your opponent is going to be running very far.

The bullet speed is a little slow within the sniper category at 760 but that only means you’ll need to be at that sweet spot at all times, and be sure to lead your bullets to ensure it hits the target should the enemy frantically run away for cover. If your enemy is sitting like a deer in the headlights then this gun does not mess around, warranting instant death the moment that bullet hits the enemy cranium. If you can overlook its slow reload times and bullet speed and make excellent use of its supreme firepower and accuracy, then you have a weapon that seldom fails when the going gets rough.

Honey's Pros:

  • Hands down the strongest out of crate sniper in PUBG.
  • Can take the enemy out in 1 to 2 shots if your aim is on point.

Honey's Cons:

  • Bullet speed is slower than other SR's so you need to make shots count. (Slow reload time)

Honey's Final Verdict:

So that about covers it for long ranged weapons in PUBG and we hope that you found the information to be resourceful in your journey to the top. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still a game which is evolving and so much like the game, you too should find ways to incorporate new tactics into your game in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Patience, practice and persistence will only help to speed up the process along with being consistent, so never stop playing and always continue to improve. Be sure to check out our other PUBG articles if you need more info about weapons for beginners, best CQC weapons and more! Of course if you’re otaku like us then be sure to check out the illustrious library of articles we have pertaining to anime, manga and just about everything pertaining to Japan’s subculture. Until next time, this is NualphaJPN signing out.

PUBG-long-range-560x315 Best Weapons to Use for Long Range in PUBG
The SCAR-L seems to be the right choice for the all around best gun. I'll give it a shot.
PUBG-long-range-560x315 Best Weapons to Use for Long Range in PUBG
The puns are too real right now.