Blade Runner: Black Lotus First Impressions! Has the Perfect Anime Adaptation Arrived!?

The sci-fi genre has had some legendary creations but one of our favorites is the strange sci-fi series known as Blade Runner. In a future filled with corrupt corporations, human-like AI, and technology that comes at a price, Blade Runner examined why the rise of tech can be quite terrifying. While there were several anime adaptations of Blade Runner, most were short experiences that were similar to fireworks; beautiful, but only for a short while. That’s why when Crunchyroll announced they were teaming up with Adult Swim to release a new Blade Runner anime series, we were more than ready from day 1. We here at Honey’s Anime got access to the first two episodes of Blade Runner: Black Lotus and we couldn’t wait to share our experiences with you readers out there! Here’s our initial thoughts on Blade Runner: Black Lotus!

A Beautifully Dark Sci-Fi Future

Blade Runner—for those unaware—is a series meant to examine humanity’s future if we let big corporations rise up with powerful technology that could possibly become sentient. Blade Runner: Black Lotus continues that trend as it follows a young woman named Elle who ends up wrapped up in a strange plot that she can’t fully remember or grasp. All Elle knows is she needs to stop those who want to do her harm all while regaining her precious memories.

After the first few episodes, Blade Runner: Black Lotus seems to check off everything we love about the original source material and sci-fi series in general. The future of Los Angeles is both impressive but strange as giant neon billboards adorn the landscape with dancing holograms trying to seduce people into various bars. Flying cars and smog pollute the sky and on the ground, people look like they struggle to survive. We are extremely anxious to see how much further Blade Runner: Black Lotus will go from here and how it will tie in with the various movies/works before it.

Move Aside Boys, Elle is Here

Anime still tends to favor OP boys and men but Blade Runner: Black Lotus is clearly trying to change that cliché. Elle is a tough woman who doesn’t hesitate to use her katana to take down her enemies and even with amnesia, she seems to still have a grasp on advanced martial arts and fighting abilities. Elle has already become one of our new waifu and we don’t doubt she’ll become yours too.

A Very Diverse Cast of Characters!

Blade Runner: Black Lotus has already impressed us with a powerful female lead but she isn’t the only character we’re interested in. The tough cop Davis and the mysterious—but super cool—J are just a few main characters we can’t wait to see more of in Blade Runner: Black Lotus. Maybe there will even be potential couples between the cast!

Is this Finally a Good CGI Series?

CGI still has a negative stigma in the world of anime as many consider it cheap and often underwhelming. Blade Runner: Black Lotus, thankfully, looks pretty incredible with strong character designs—though some minor characters look a bit goofy—and stunning backdrops. The first major fight scene in episode 1 where Elle takes down a bunch of thugs was just gorgeous and showed CGI was the right move for Blade Runner: Black Lotus. Now let’s hope the series continues delivering this great animation.

Final Thoughts

Blade Runner: Black Lotus has hooked us from episode 1 and we can already tell this series could be something incredible. Will Blade Runner: Black Lotus change the thoughts we have on movie adaptations or will it succumb to the usual footfalls most end up falling into? We shall find out soon!
Are you readers out there ready for Blade Runner: Black Lotus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Keep stuck to our sci-fi enchanted hive here at Honey’s Anime for continued coverage of Blade Runner: Black Lotus and other fall 2021 anime!

Blade-Runner-Black-Lotus-Wallpaper-5-700x394 Blade Runner: Black Lotus First Impressions! Has the Perfect Anime Adaptation Arrived!?


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