“Bleach: Brave Souls” Reaches 25 Million Downloads Worldwide!

What You Need to Know:

  • The team at KLabGames have a lot to be excited about as one of their popular titles, Bleach: Brave Souls has now reached the 25 million download mark! As a thank you to fans KLabGames have implemented a series of in-game events that will be held to celebrate this latest achievement.
  • For those unfamiliar with the popular mobile game, Bleach: Brave Souls is a 3D hack-and-slash title based on Bleach, the popular manga series adapted into an internationally acclaimed anime by Studio Pierrot. In this full-scale action game, players take control of their favorite characters and fight their way through familiar storylines from the anime.
  • For those wishing to take part in the event, it runs from October 22nd to October 31st so be sure not to miss out! For more details about the event be sure to scroll down below! Be sure to also download the game if you haven't already on either iOS or Android!

Source: Official Press Release

25 Million Worldwide Downloads Celebration!

Get Up to 100 Spirit Orbs

Players will be given ten Spirit Orbs every day during the celebration for a total of 100 Spirit Orbs! Bleach fans can take this generous opportunity to stock up on Spirit Orbs that can be used to Summon new characters in the game.

25 Million Downloads Super Power-Up Set for All

Players who log in during the event will receive a 25 Million Downloads Super Power-Up Set containing Coins, Crystals, Jewels, Droplets, Hogyokus and a Hogyoku’s Will used to enhance and level up characters.

25 Million Downloads Celebration Pack

Availability Period: Sunday, October 22 to Tuesday, October 31 (UTC+9)

To celebrate reaching the 25 million worldwide downloads milestone, an exclusive 25 Million Downloads Celebration Pack containing a ★5 Summons Ticket and Droplets will be available for purchase for a limited time.

The ★5 Summons Ticket (25 Million Downloads edition) guarantees you one from a special selection of ★5 characters.*

The Pack includes:
★5 Summons Ticket (25 Million Downloads Edition)
142 Spirit Orbs + 25 Bonus Orbs (total of 167 Spirit Orbs)
1 Hogyoku’s Will
80 of each kind of Droplet

25 Million Downloads Celebration Special Orders

Special Orders will be available during the 25 Million Downloads Celebration. Rewards for completing these limited-edition orders during the celebration period include ★4 Power Hearts and an Editing Brush.

Exclusive Super Extra Quests

The celebration extends to Super Extra Quests as well. Once a day, players can complete Kon’s Mega Bonanza to gain more EXP for their characters in a shorter amount of time, plus benefit from increased drop rates for items. Normal enemies drop ★3 Power Hearts or Large EXP Crystals, and the boss is guaranteed to drop a ★4 Power Heart.

The Mega Raid Festival will be available as well and will boost the drop rates for Raid characters.

More events are being held inside the game in addition to those outlined above. Please view the in-game notification for more information on this event series.

honeys anime character
Congrats to the KLabs team for this one! A great milestone to reach for sure!

honeys anime character
I might as well hop on the hype train and grab what I can during this celebration event!