Buddy Daddies Review - A Family Of Two Hitmen And A Child

After watching our favorite family on SPYxFAMILY, we thought we would have to wait a while before we could get more family fun from them. To our surprise, we got even more fun family time this winter, but through a different family.

Buddy Daddies is an original anime series created by P.A. Works. The series is centered around an unusual family of three who aren’t related to one another: Kazuki and his partner Rei and a young girl named Miri. While Miri is a normal kid, Kazuki and Rei are both hitmen. The two hitmen met Miri on one Christmas day during their assassination mission. Unfortunately, their plan went awry, and they had to take Miri home. Realizing the consequences of their mission, they were suddenly thrust with the responsibility of raising and caring for a child. Not knowing that with Miri in their lives, their view of the world has changed, and they decided to give the young girl a normal life as much as they can as her “papa.”

An Unusual Family That Is Both Comedic And Cute

Like SPYxFAMILY, Buddy Daddies is about a family of three who were unrelated to one another: two hitmen and a four-year-old child. The only difference is that they are not a super genius spy, talented assassins, or a kid with supernatural abilities. They are ordinary people who make mistakes and learn from them. The fact that they are normal people is one of the main charm points of the series.

Since Kazuki and Rei had never raised a child before, especially when they wanted to ensure Miri lived as normally as possible, they had to learn along the way, making mistakes and learning from them. There were many comedic scenes and moments that were fun to watch as the two tried to learn the ways of parenthood while keeping the fact that they are hitmen a secret. Kazuki and Rei also have different personalities that clash and complement one another. It made each episode and interaction even more comedic and enjoyable to watch.

The anime also had many cute scenes, mostly through Miri and the two hitmen’s interaction with her. Kazuki and Rei’s interactions, as well as their relationship with Miri, were both sweet and cute. We could even see how their interaction and relationship with Miri grew and changed throughout the series. While Miri herself is just like any normal four-year-old child and acts like what you would see other children do, making scenes with Miri just naturally cute.

Two Hitmen Daddies Co-Parenting

One thing about this anime is that it mainly focuses on parenting. Kazuki and Rei, two hitmen with different personalities and backgrounds, have to learn the ways of parenthood. It makes the series interesting since we get to see their parenting style gradually forming and the change in their personality when they raise Miri. Of course, they make mistakes along the way, but over time, they learn to work together as Miri’s parents. It was interesting to see the family dynamics between the three and how that dynamic has changed throughout the series. One thing is for sure the overprotective dad role definitely goes to Kazuki.

While there are action scenes since both Kazuki and Rei were hitmen, there isn’t much focus on them. The memorable action scenes mostly helped with the character development of the two, especially with Rei. If you are looking for lots of action scenes just like SPYxFAMILY or similar to it, unfortunately, you won’t be getting much of it from this anime.

The True Meaning Of Family

The overall theme, or at least one of the overall themes, that we take away from this anime is the true meaning of family. What is family? There isn’t a right or wrong answer to the questions since everyone’s definition of family and family structure differs. The true meaning of family is that there really isn’t a true definition of family. Buddy Daddies showcases that very well.

In Buddy Daddies, there were emotional and deep scenes between Kazuki and Rei. These scenes not only give us background information and character development but also show their bonds to each other and as a family. We could see so many changes Kazuki and Rei have gone through since Miri came into their lives. By the time the series reached its climax, we could see what family means between them.

We don’t know how the producer/creators did it, but they managed to show that family doesn’t have to be blood-related or bound by specific rules. Family can also be about the bonds they share without being related to one another, and they managed to show that in one entire series.

Final Thoughts

Buddy Daddies is an anime that focuses on parenting and the definition of family through three completely unrelated people. We have gone through different emotions watching Buddy Daddies, from laughing through the comedic scenes to gushing at how cute they were to feeling the profound emotional impact on some. While it doesn’t have as many action scenes as SPYxFAMILY, Buddy Daddies is an excellent anime in its own right because of how well-written and how they were able to showcase the definition of family in a span of thirteen episodes. If that is what the producers/creators aim for, then they have already done an excellent job showcasing it.

Have you seen Buddy Daddies? What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”