Butler Cafe: Dark Romance (Anime Expo 2018)

Butler-Logo-Butler-Cafe-Dark-Romance-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Butler Cafe: Dark Romance (Anime Expo 2018)

Anime Expo has continued to grow and evolve every year. One of the more recent additions to the con’s entertainment roster is the Butler Café, for those who crave a more… masculine touch. Not only was a Butler Café added at AX, there’s an 18+ experience too! And, of course, we had to check it out.

The Butler Café is both a show and interactive experience featuring several performances, chatting and playing with the butlers, photo ops, and even drinks and snacks available for purchase! Of course, when you visit the butlers after dark… things get a little spicier! From fewer clothes and saucier performances to more grown-up humor, Anime Expo’s Dark Romance version is not your okaasan’s butler café!

Welcome Ojou-sama

From the moment you set foot in the butler café, you know you’re in for a treat; half of the butlers are missing their shirts! Oh my! Every table is escorted in and hosted by two butlers; one shirtless (but with a vest, of course; they’re not savages), one fully clothed. Clearly, this is not your regular butler café!

Hisashi and Mamoru were our butlers and they had such great chemistry and rapport, it was impossible not to get into their flirty, bubbly mood just by chatting with them. The butlers all make sure to make every guest feel special, but they won’t hesitate to dish out some sexy punishments if you lose any games!


Butler-Logo-Butler-Cafe-Dark-Romance-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Butler Cafe: Dark Romance (Anime Expo 2018)

Games are always a big part of the maid and butler café scene, and it was no different here. We got to play a couple of games, one of which was Pop-up Pirate (Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu). As mentioned before, these were batsu games, meaning whoever lost would get punished, which generally means being challenged to do something. But remember, this isn’t your innocent, wholesome butler café… Oh no. As luck would have it, this writer lost first (and then again 3 times in a row!) and the first punishment was to announce to all that “I love tentacle hentai!”; but not before Hisashi called the attention of the entire room to make sure they were listening!

Another player had to confess her love to the head butler, while yet another had to make barking noises while drawing circles around Hisashi’s nipples. And that’s just some of what happened at our table! The possibilities are endless.


Butler-Logo-Butler-Cafe-Dark-Romance-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Butler Cafe: Dark Romance (Anime Expo 2018)

Of course, there’s more than just games; the butlers are a multitalented group and they made sure to show us their stuff! In the first performance, we got to see most of the guys shaking their stuff and showing off their toned bodies. Later, we got to enjoy a fun anisong band performance in which the butlers played music from Kekkai Sensen and Boku no Hero Academia, and at one point, for another performance, one guest even got to sit on stage while we all watched her get her own private dance! HOT! And in order to give everyone something they'd be into, they finished with a K-Pop choreography that had the room shouting for more. There is a lot of talent at the Butler Café, and clearly, a lot of dedication! Every show was fun and sexy.

Final Thoughts

With several time slots per day throughout the duration of Anime Expo, there are plenty of opportunities to go visit the butlers after dark. And bring a debit card if you want some photos with the butlers after the show or if you want to buy some delicious refreshments, both of which are available for purchase.

If you like games, live entertainment, surprise giveaways, and getting naughty with some shirtless butlers, we recommend you stop by the Butler Café: Dark Romance experience the next time you’re at Anime Expo! You will not be disappointed. Just remember to go get your 18+ wristband before the show or you won’t get in.

Butler-Logo-Butler-Cafe-Dark-Romance-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Butler Cafe: Dark Romance (Anime Expo 2018)


Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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