Maid Café: After Dark (Anime Expo 2018)

AX-Maid-Maid-Café-After-Dark-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Maid Café: After Dark (Anime Expo 2018)

Maid cafés are a staple of otaku culture. And since not everyone has the chance to fly to Akihabara to visit one, Anime Expo added a maid café to their convention a while back. And, as if being served and entertained by some adorable maids wasn’t enough, AX added the “After Dark” version for those who prefer to be entertained by just as cute but naughtier maids.

Much like its more innocent version, the 18+ Maid Café: After Dark showcases interactive entertainment and performances by a group of adorable maids making sure you are treated like a V.I.P. Except… these maids are in bunny suits and they take their dancing to the next level with some sexy moves. And when it comes to games, they take their punishments very seriously, both dishing and taking them!

Like in the other cafés, there are refreshments and snacks that can be ordered on the side; the maids don’t serve food, they’re there to entertain. There are also photo ops available after the show, but they only take debit cards so make sure you have one if you want a picture with the girls!

Bunny Maids

Every guest that arrives at the Maid Café receives a warm welcome from the bunny maids and goes through a tunnel of them. The head maid welcomes you and picks two bunnies for your table, and then they guide you and the rest of your table through the bunny tunnel and to your seats as the rest of the bunnies cheering you in or chanting something unique to your group, like “virgin, virgin” if it’s your first time to the café, or whatever else the head bunny comes up with!

Once at the table, you get to know your bunnies; each table gets two and they range in type and personality, offering something for everybody. A tip if you’re planning on going next year: If you arrive early, you get extra time playing games with your bunnies while they seat the rest of the guests!


AX-Maid-Maid-Café-After-Dark-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Maid Café: After Dark (Anime Expo 2018)

Like the regular Maid Café, the bunnies put on several performances for their guests, but this being After Dark, there was a lot more grinding and booty shaking! After a warm welcome by the head maid and MC, the opening act turned up the heat. Our very own Kurumi and 3 other bunnies took the stage for a very sexy double lap-dance number.

The rest of the numbers were just as hot and featured more bunnies in different music styles and showing off their different personalities on stage. Boy can these girls dance! We were even treated to live singing by one very talented bunny with an angelic voice and devilish curves.


AX-Maid-Maid-Café-After-Dark-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Maid Café: After Dark (Anime Expo 2018)

Between the sexy performances, we got to play games with the bunnies, just like in a regular maid cafe, but this was After Dark, so the themes and punishments were a bit spicier. At our table, we played Never Have I Ever Jenga, in which everyone who has done the thing has to take out a bar and if the tower falls, everyone who did the thing gets punished. Kurumi was ruthless and had us sabotage another table’s game, had someone spanked, and danced for another guest. Other guests were screaming out embarrassing things and others were performing silly acts for other tables. There were laughs and blushing all over the place!

Final Thoughts

The time we spent at the After Dark Maid Café was so fun, we didn’t want it to end. The bond the girls have clearly formed through what we’re assuming were months of rehearsals solidifies the warm, welcoming feeling that a maid café is supposed to provide. You should feel comfortable and like you’re with a group of friends you can joke around and play with, and the girls at the Maid Café really achieve that. Maybe it was the intense game of Never Have I Ever, but we left feeling like we had known Kurumi and the other guests at our table for ages!

If you’re over 18 and will be attending Anime Expo in the future, we really recommend you check out the Maid Café: After Dark. We assure you it’s unlike anything you’ve done before! Just don’t forget to get your 18+ bracelet! And take Bee-kun with you, yeah? He’s really bummed he missed out.

AX-Maid-Maid-Café-After-Dark-Anime-Expo-2018-capture Maid Café: After Dark (Anime Expo 2018)


Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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