Can an Adult Rewatch Children's Anime?

Adulthood is something none of us are exempt from in life. At one point, we will become adults and while the way we act and our levels of maturity might vary from person to person, we’re still adults by definition of age. Many of us, though, still like to enjoy elements from our past days in youth such as playing video games and/or staying up late eating snacks and watching Netflix despite a meeting in the morning. That being said, haven’t you ever wondered though what are some things that we’d rather not do when we reach manhood or womanhood? We ponder these questions here at Honey’s Anime and one of the questions when we thought about our age—not saying we’re old by the way—was this: Can Adults Rewatch Children’s Anime?

Prepare for the laughter

We stated early that as we get older we mature as individuals. This doesn’t mean we just get smarter or wiser, but it means our tastes in various things grows and alters too. For example, we might have loved some corny lines from Pokémon when we were eight or ten years old, but when you’re in your twenties, that same corny line might make you laugh not because it’s funny but because it’s corny. If you go into an older anime that was aimed for children, you realize that the humor you might have seen in it once as being amazing or perfect might have become dumber due to your level of maturity.

Nostalgia Purposes

As time slowly moves onward, we as a society want to remember our fondest memories of the past for a multitude of reasons. Rewatching an older children’s anime can accomplish this goal perfectly. It will allow the viewer to reminisce about their youthful days long past and bring them back to a childlike heart. We have gone back to shows like Bakugan Battle Brawlers or Beyblade and remember all the good memories of pretending to be brawlers with friends and collecting the toys for our collections. Yu-Gi-Oh also reminds us fondly of our younger days…and also reminds us how much we spent on semi-useless Yu-Gi-Oh cards…sorry, Mom and Dad.

Series that grow with us

While a lot of children’s anime doesn’t ever move past that specific age demographic—Pokémon will always be aimed for younger kids despite adults liking it, too—some companies try to keep their series growing with their original viewers. The Digimon Adventure Tri movies are actually more aimed at those who saw the original series and act as movies adults can enjoy as they relive those glory days of being kids. We here at Honey’s Anime are currently watching all the Digimon Adventures Tri movies and are loving them even as adults. Digimon Adventure Tri keeps the adventures we remember as kids but makes sure to advance the plot and theme for those in high school or even in the workforce. Series like Digimon Adventure Tri are rare breeds in the world of anime but we’re always glad when they do come out.

The next generation

Easily one of the best ways to rewatch older children’s anime is rewatching them with a family of your own. As silly as it might sound, passing along to our children the content we loved as kids is almost a rite of passing for not only us but for them as well. Showing a daughter or son a series we saw at their age is not only enjoyable for them but for us as well. We get to see our kids love what we loved and learn from what we learned as early anime viewers. That’s why if you need to rewatch a series from the days you were not even considered a teen yet, your best bet is to sit down with some kids of your own or even maybe nephews or nieces and watch those shows with them.

Final Thoughts

Can Adults Rewatch Children’s Anime? Our answer folks is a resounding yes, of course you can. There is never any shame in revisiting a show from your youth just for nostalgia or just because you feel like it. You just need to remember that what you might have loved about a series way back when might have changed now that you too have changed. Adulthood makes our tastes change in radical ways but that doesn’t mean we need to lose the heart of our childhood pasts that still rests within all of us. Have you rewatched any series recently that you grew up with? Let us know in the comments below and for more articles like this one be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

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