Can Watching Anime be Healthy for You?

We’ve all heard that watching too much TV or playing too many games can be pretty terrible for your health. Parents all around the world strive to keep their kids from spending hours watching anime or cartoon though with mixed results. However, what if we told you that anime could be healthy for you? Our job today here at Honey’s Anime is to see if we could prove parents wrong and show that watching anime has some benefits after all. Let us dive into our question: Can Watching Anime be Healthy for You?

Gets you motivated

There are times where we need a bit of a motivation in our life to get moving. Did you know though that anime can motivate you to get off your butt and get in gear? With more recent shows like Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru—Run with the Wind—we often feel like seeing why running can be liberating or with sports anime like Kuroko no Basket, you get this desire to play sports. Maybe this isn’t applicable to every single anime viewer out there, but a lot of shows can be used as tools to make people want to be healthy and do something else other than watch anime…at least for a little while.

Can help relieve stress

After a long day of back breaking work or mind-numbing school work, you need something to do to just relieve the stress that has been pent up in you. That’s where anime comes in, watching some nice action shows like Shingeki no Kyojin or a more relaxing show like Barakamon. Regardless of your preferences, anime can help unwind and just mellow out from a hard day. Just don’t watch any shows with too much drama otherwise you might be reminded of the stuff you’re going through in your own life at the moment.

Unlock that inner creativity

Writers like us here at Honey’s Anime tend to have writer’s block more often than we wish to admit to you readers. When this issue occurs, we find anime helps revive our creative energies and helps us harness that inner creative. Artists also love anime as they try to draw their own versions of their favorite anime superstars and it can even help give someone an idea for their own original characters! When you hit a rut in your life, just watch some anime and you’ll find yourself back in the creating game.

Inspire your future

In life, we find that random events can trigger big changes in our outlooks at life. Maybe you watch a real good movie and it makes you want to be a movie producer or a cameraman. We have also personally met many anime directors/mangaka who were inspired by anime to eventually dive into the industry for themselves! Inspiration can come from nearly everywhere and that same rule applies to anime.

Final Thoughts

Anime can be pretty detrimental to your health if you spend way too much time watching it…even though we tend to that ourselves quite often. Yet, as we pointed out above, anime can be used for health purposes which will make for good counters if your parents or guardians tell you otherwise. Regardless though folks, just watch anime in moderation as with any form of entertainment. Do you agree with any of our thoughts on anime that we talked about above? Comment below and tell us if you think of anything else that shows anime can be healthy for you! Remember to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more articles like this one!

Kamisama-no-Memochou-Wallpaper Can Watching Anime be Healthy for You?


Author: Aaron

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