Carve and Blast Through the Wasteland in Evil Genome – Available Now on Steam

What You Need to Know:

  • In a world set 500 years from now, human civilization has collapsed and those that live in the wake of destruction live in a wasteland. This is Evil Genome. Players will star as Lachesis, a fiery-haired protagonist with an equally fiery passion to dispose of her opposition with gun and sword. Develop her skills and abilities with a broad skill tree, explore and revisit areas of the wasteland to acquire new and unique items to make her attacks more fierce and her defense more resilient. Collect stylish outfits to look fabulous and badass.
  • Evil Genome is available now for Windows PC on Steam for $14.99 (USD).

Source: Official Press Release

Official Trailer

Evil Genome - Launch Trailer (Short version)

honeys anime character
Metroidvania + RPG?! Bought.

honeys anime character
Yeah this one is already in my Steam cart.

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