Chizuru Ichinose, the Best Girlfriend a Guy Could Rent (Rent-a-Girlfriend)

As expected of the rookie-tier top-ranked rental girlfriend of Diamon, Chizuru is a woman worth admiring. Her looks, poise, and refinement would make any guy pleased with her. However, her rental girlfriend persona is only part of what makes her such a fascinating and wonderful person. All of the rental girlfriends in Kanojo, Okarishimasu have a unique specialness to them, but let’s take a look at how Chizuru is a perfect rental girlfriend AND person by the way she tears down stereotypes of those in this profession!

What the Job Entails for Rental Girlfriends/Escorts

Maybe you’re not familiar with the industry of rental families in which a client can request a mother, brother, coworker, or girlfriend stand-in for various functions. A similar profession to the significant other aspect would be escorting. An escort/rental girlfriend accompanies a client to the locations of their choice while footing the bill for their rented companion. There’s some idea of a role they will play, whether that be acknowledging they are working or fully immersing themselves as the client’s girlfriend/S.O. Where escorts and rental family services tend to differ is in how immersed the girl/woman might be in the client’s life. Often, rental girlfriends are tasked with meeting friends or family members or attending an event more as a representative than someone meant to be fun and entertaining.

Common Stereotypes Associated with Rental Girlfriends/Escorts

Many people condemn both the workers and the clients who use these services. Sometimes there can be some truth to these stereotypes like women workers doing it for money and male clients being bad with picking girls up naturally. However, it’s odd that someone would fault someone for doing a job for money, as that’s sort of the point of a job… to make money. It’s also strange to fault someone who is not naturally good at reading the room or understanding social cues wanting to practice and improve their social abilities in a way that benefits them and their partner.

Some girls are villainized and assumed to enjoy toying with men’s hearts or using up all their money to the point of ruin, instead of placing the blame on guys who can’t separate a job from their delusions. Some women are assumed to be too stupid or talentless to do any other work and have no other aspirations.

How Chizuru Blows Stereotypes Away

None of the common critiques of rental girlfriends apply to Chizuru. Let’s first examine her motivation. Chizuru aspires to become a fulltime actress, but classes are expensive and time-consuming. She’s able to practice various roles and scenarios by working as a rental girlfriend to not only gain experience but also raise the funds necessary to pursue her dreams. It’s not just a means to an end for her either, Chizuru enjoys the work and takes pride in helping others forget their pain or giving them the confidence to chase their dreams. She really tries to understand her clients and their goals, even reading up on their interests to better relate to them.

Chizuru is also very kind and truly believes in helping others. She may seem cold when others push her boundaries, but she’s quick to forgive as well. Chizuru is not out to use her clients nor judge their lack of confidence or abilities. Her frustration with Kazuya is always with his actions towards her, never about his inability to find a girlfriend or desire to rent companions. She says “…some goodbyes can only be healed by a ‘see you again’” and considers herself a bridge to her clients’ healing. She admits she loves the hopeless romantic guys who remain dreamers in a world of pragmatics. Sincerity and the desire to improve oneself are important to Chizuru.

The effect she has on Kazuya is also remarkable. His falling for her was inevitable being a lonely guy being shown kindness by a pretty girl. Kazuya starts out as a bitter guy who goes from latching onto any pretty girl he sees without knowing who she really is to projecting his own slighted feelings onto them. After coming to know Chizuru, boundaries no longer offend him, he learns to appreciate looks without allowing himself to fall for a girl and even finds himself wanting to be strong and mature like Chizuru. Her worth to him is no longer based on if he can own her but rather on her unique kindness, strength, and determination.

Final Thoughts

One of the beautiful things about Kanojo, Okarishimasu is that it stresses the importance of holding yourself accountable and while also encouraging relying on friends and professionals to help you through rough times. Chizuru is the perfect embodiment of this as she even wrestles with complex feelings towards Kazuya after a year of their relationship but knows not to confuse him with half-assed feelings. She focuses on his and her personal goals always with the hope to cause as little pain as possible. Her empathy, strength, and wisdom make her an outstanding human being and one heck of a girlfriend.

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