Choose Your Fighter! Who Is the Hottest Division Leader in Hypnosis Mic?

Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima is a mixed-media franchise created by King Records, which features voice actors participating in rap battles. The franchise started in 2017 and gained considerable success, leading to the release of several CDs, manga, and an anime series currently streaming on Funimation.

Each group represents a different area of Tokyo, with stage visuals and lyrics inspired by characteristics from each of these areas. Until now, we have been introduced to four divisions in the anime adaptation: Matenrou, Fling Posse, Buster Bros!!! and Mad Trigger Crew. Division leaders get a lot of attention, so as we are approaching the division battle finals, let’s see what’s all the hype!

Ichiro Yamada

Ichiro, the oldest of the Yamada Brothers and leader of Buster Bros!!! quickly became an unproblematic fave: he is protective and street smart, with a strong code of honor. Whenever there is trouble in Ikebukuro, he is ready to drop sick beats and defend the area. In episode 2, Ichiro and his brothers stop a robber who has taken hostages at a local bank!

Ramuda Amemura

There is something about pink-haired anime characters: their cuteness could be a facade for something darker, as we have seen in Talentless Nana and Higurashi When They Cry: Gou this season. Ramuda is a fashion designer based in Shinjuku and the leader of Fling Posse. His trendy lyrics and youthful appearance have gained him a lot of female fans. However, it is implied that Ramuda incited the Mad Dawg’s breakup, leading to the creation of the four groups. What’s hiding behind his cute act? How is he associated with the all-female ruling party that imposed a dictatorship and banned weapons?

Jinguji Jagurai

The elegant doctor who saves lives by daylight and fights crime by moonlight. It’s Jagurai! The local police suspect him for his ability to be at the right time at the right place. Since the first episode, Jagurai has uncovered a terrorist attempt at the hospital and defended his teammate Doppo against homicide allegations. Still, Jagurai’s sore spot is his relationship with Fling Posse’s leader Ramuda, since they are opposite personalities, which led them to clash many times in the past.

Samatoki Aohitsugi

Yakuza leader serving us R-rated lyrics, Samatoki is the reason behind the disclaimer at the beginning of each episode for strong language. When Samatoki is not delivering sick beats he rules over Yokohama’s underworld with an iron fist. In episode 4, we catch a glimpse of his softer side, when he lets a secret informant go without repercussions after it’s revealed that he betrayed the yakuza to save his sister. Samatoki has a younger sister, who he loves dearly. We don’t know more about his family history but it might be a matter of time for him to open up.

Final Thoughts

We are gearing up for the final battles and the end of this season. Who’s going to win? Will we get to witness Ramuda’s real motives? Why did the Mad Dawg Crew break up? So many questions! In the meantime, let’s get down to business: who’s the hottest division leader? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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