Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima

Hypnosis-Mic-Division-Rap-Battle-KV-e1601009614890 Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima

Hypnosis-Mic-Division-Rap-Battle-KV-e1601009614890 Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima

Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima


Airing Date:
Fall 2020

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The H era, a world with no wars, and women are now in power. Chuou ward has banned men and politics are run by women. There, they have introduced Bill H to ban the manufacturing of harmful weapons and dispose of those which already exists. However, conflicts have not been eliminated. They have been replaced by "Hypnosis Mic" which affects peoples' minds. The lyrics through this microphone have the power to act on people's sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and put them in various states.

The men now live in the areas outside of Chuou ward: Ikebukuro Division, Yokohama Division, Shibuya Division, and Shinjuku Division. MC groups that represent each division use rap, which has an affinity with conflicts, to fight to take each other's territories.

A territorial war for the prestige of men begins in a world where words have power instead of weapons.

Characters & Voice Actors

Ichiro Yamada: Subaru Kimura

A former member of "The Dirty Dawg". The firstborn son of the Yamada family, who runs Yorozuya Yamada. He used to be an infamous delinquent who everyone in Ikebukuro heard the name of, but also is a righteous man who can't help himself of taking care of those who need help. People love him for his brotherly and caring personality. He loves watching anime and is nerdy to the point that he reads all new-released light novels. He and Samatoki Aohitsugi from Yokohama Division hate each other's guts.
Jirou Yamada: Haruki Ishiya

The second son of the Yamada family. He is strong in street fights and is an influential man in Ikebukuro Division. Growing up treating Ichiro, who is liked by everyone, as if he were a god, he has become a delinquent himself. His knowledge of anime and light novels comes from Ichiro, and he can't take it when people make fun of his older brother. He is always having fights with his brother, Saburo.
Saburo Yamada: Kohei Amasaki

The third son of the Yamada family. Unlike his brothers, he's a talented individual that gets things done without a flaw. Though he did not become a delinquent, he looks up to his oldest brother, Ichiro. He seems friendly, but looks down on people he thinks are inferior to him and mocks them. His twisted personality results in him not having many friends, so he is always looking for people he can play board games and card games with.
Samatoki Aohitsugi: Shintaro Asanuma

A former member of "The Dirty Dawg". A yakuza who runs the Yokohama area. He always looks grumpy and starts fights if there's something he doesn't like, but he will never lay a hand on women. The reason he became a yakuza was for his beloved sister, and treasures the amulet she gave to him. He and Ichiro Yamada from Ikebukuro Division hate each other's guts.
Jyuto Iruma: Wataru Komada

An active-duty police officer. He chose this job to get drugs off the street, but has become accustomed to the yakuza world, and now commits crimes, such as assault, bribery, embezzlement, and extortion. Samatoki, who was a member of the yakuza group he was investigating, has a give-and-take relationship with him. He takes good care of others and often is the one who pulls the Yokohama Division together. His favorite line is, "You want to get arrested?"
Riou Mason Busujima: Shinichiro Kamio

A former sergeant first class in the Navy. His father is American and his mother is Japanese. As an ex-military personnel, he shows no weakness and never goes easy on his enemies, but is usually calm and likes to help others. His cooking skills are "tentatively" professional-grade.
Ramuda Amemura: Yuusuke Shirai

A former member of "The Dirty Dawg", who is now a fashion designer. He has the looks of an elementary school student, but actually is quick-witted and understands how people see him. He is naive and his outspoken words can sometimes be out of line, but people love him for his natural charm. Though being extremely popular, he doesn't stay with a particular partner. If you pat him on his head he smiles and will give you a candy. He and Jakurai from Shinjuku Division hate each other's guts.
Gentarou Yumeno: Souma Saitou

A writer who dresses like a student. He likes to imagine the lives of passers-by and their future. His lies are convincing and often no one can see through them, but when people believe his lies, he teases them by telling them it was a lie.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Hypnosis Mic -Rhyme Anima-" by Division All Stars
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: EVILLINERECORDS
  • Director: Katsumi Ono
  • Series Composition: Shin Yoshida
  • Character Design: Minako Shiba, Chisato Kawaguchi, Mahiru Shintani
  • Animation Director: Minako Shiba, Yukari Takeuchi, Hitomi Ochiai
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Music: Ron

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