Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Kagayaku Mono Ten Yori Otsu (Code Geass: Akito the Exiled The Brightness Falls) Review & Characters - I Just Want to Die!

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I Just Want to Die!

  • Episodes : Feature length film 3 of 5 (Movie)
  • Genre :Sci-Fi, Action, Military, Mech, Political-Thriller
  • Airing Date : May 2015
  • Producers :SUNRISE

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Kagayaku Mono Ten Yori Otsu Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

Taking place where the second movie leaves off, Akito, Leila, and the rest of the wZERO unit are starting to come together as a team, despite their start as rivals in the first movie. While attempting to report to a local EU military installation, Auon, the commanding officer in charge of the base, suspends the unit’s lodging and credit card privileges due to his previous issues with Leila.

With their military privileges revoked, the team briefly stays with a group of old gypsies to learn about the civilian world, and also see how happy people are despite their hardships. As the wZERO unit is going through this new experience, the Britannian Empire is resorting to a new ace in the hole for their operations in the European Union.

Code Geass- Akito the Exiled 3 - The Brightness Falls dvd

Who does Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Kagayaku Mono Ten Yori Otsu cater to?

As a side story to the TV series, the audience gets to see what things are like in the European front since the original series mostly focuses on Japan, Britannia, and the Chinese Federation. In the first movie, it briefly emphasizes on how the Japanese were treated in Europe and how they are used as expandable pawns in the European military.
I understand that the mech genre is not for everyone but in “Code Geass,” it is not the main focus. In this movie, it is very character centric and the audience finally gets some expansions on Leila and Akito’s back stories while another portion of the movie goes back to its roots of guerrilla warfare tactics and propaganda.

Since the movies are connected, it is a pre-requisite to see the first two movies to fully understand the entire picture.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

Though the TV series was mostly focused as a political thriller, the first movie was more mech centric while this series goes back to its roots of intrigue and conspiracies. When it comes to action, if you are more about quality over quantity, this is the movie for you.

Code Geass Boukoku no Akito Kagayaku Mono Ten Yori Otsu Official Movie Trailer

Code Geass Boukoku no Akito Kagayaku Mono Ten Yori Otsu Main Characters List

Akito Hyuuga

code geass akito

Voice Actor :Irino, Miyu

As a EU Knightmare pilot of Japanese ancestry, he is placed in a separate unit with other Japanese soldiers known as wZERO. By the time the movie starts, he has a reputation of being a vicious pilot feared by some of his own peers and foes. Despite his accomplishments, he is still subjected to discrimination by his fellow pilots. However, Akito has a mysterious twisted obsession with death that adds more mystery to his persona. Under the command of Leila Malkal, there is hope for him, as he is always willing to take part in their high-risk missions.

Leila Malkal

code geass leila

Voice Actor :Sakamoto, Maya

Leila is the daughter of an exiled Britannian politician who was assassinated. As she came of age, she joined the EU Army as an officer and now serves as the field commander of the wZERO unit. Unlike a certain percentage of the EU Army who look down on the Japanese, Leila demonstrates a maternal sense of care for her unit. Despite the small chances of success for the missions she and the wZERO unit are assigned to, they believe that low chances are better than no chances.

Shin Hyuuga Shaing

code geass shin

Voice Actor :Matsukaze, Masaya

Shin is the brother/rival of Akito who serves as a high-ranking officer for the Britannian Army. Like Akito, he shares a very mysterious past in relation to his obsession with death. In addition to both his psychological and physical abilities as a soldier, he possesses a terrifying power of Geass that only results in death. However, the circumstances to how he received his Geass have not been revealed. In this movie, his intellect is further emphasized and demonstrates that his mind games rival that of Lelouch’s.

Contains Spoilers

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Mono Ten Yori Otsu Review

The first act of the movie focuses on the development of Leila. The movie shows more about her background and upbringing in more detail. In addition, this new installment gives more clues about Akito’s past and why he is obsessed with death. As for acts 2 and 3, fans of the original series are in for a treat.

Code Geass- Akito the Exiled 1 - The Wyvern Arrives dvd

This movie slows down in pace from the first two movies to allow more focus on character exploration and development. The other story that this movie tells with Suzaku and Julius is truly for fans of the original TV series. I feel this is kind of a double edge sword because the first two movies do a great job of telling a distinct story without relying on the original series, while this time, you need to see it to understand Suzaku and Julius. Still, considering this takes place after the events of season 1, the audience does get to see how things transpired from a fresh viewpoint.

The character designs still hold the qualities that CLAMP is known for with the way they draw sharp faces and detailed eyes and is consistent with the designs from the original series. I think the high-resolution compliments the designs effectively well by bringing more expression. The lighting in this movie appropriately tells a very dark tone

As for the action, just like the second movie if you care about quality over quantity, then this is for you. The action sequences are very intricate with a high frame rate. The fight sequences also use a lot of fast paced but yet, balanced panning when going around the screen without giving you a headache. It shows how Suzaku is a genuine bad ass.

Code Geass- Akito the Exiled 2 - The Torn-Up Wyvern dvd

Due to the circumstances of the main cast in their respective arc, a lot of Gypsy/Romani music is appropriately used to settle that atmosphere. In addition, some of the orchestrated acoustics that the TV series was known for makes a come back in the action sequences, and brings a familiar and yet fresh sense of intensity that grabs your attention. The ending theme is once again sung by Sakamoto Maaya, the voice of Leila, and originally made her break through as the voice of Kanzaki Hitomi in “Escaflowne” (and also played Aeris in “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children”). However, the auto-tune in the ending theme will be a huge turn off for anybody who is not fond of the technique, and simply doesn't work with the low and soft tone of the song.

One actor I loved in this movie was Matsukaze Masaya as Shin. He has also played Mikami in “Deathnote,” Zoisite in “Sailor Moon Crystal,” Blues in “Rockman.exe” and my favorite role of his is Hazuki Ryo in the classic Dreamcast game (and my favorite game ever), “Shenmue.” I love how he has this calm and calculating tone and yet, unassuming with his intellect. And Fukuyama Jun still has that confident and commanding presence which defined his performance in the original series.

1. Akito and Leila’s Past

code geass leilagypsey

In this movie, the audience finally gets more information about the back-stories of Akito and Leila. With Leila, the movie shows that she was the daughter of a famous EU politician who wanted to make things right, but, his views cost him and his wife their lives. After losing her parents, Leila is tossed around from relative and relative, despite living a privileged life. This is an important highlight because the movie shows what motivates her to fight.

With Akito, ever since the first movie, he has had some obsession with death. Even though a death-obsessed mech pilot who never dies may seem rather cliché for the mech/war genre, he has a very good reason why he feels that way. Even though I can give spoilers here, I honestly do not want to spill the whole story with it, but the question you will have when a viewer finishes the movie is how can he still be alive?

2. The Rise of Julius Kingsley

code geass julias

If any of you happen to see some of the promotional videos and pictures, a very familiar character under the name Julius Kingsley is featured. Considering his design and that Fukuyama Jun is confirmed to be his voice actor, it is rather conclusive that he is Lelouch himself. Since his actions in the first season did some damage to the pride of the Britannian military, his abilities will be of use and Lelouch is brain washed with a new identity as a strategist. Accompanying him is Suzaku Kurrugi, and he makes sure that everybody follows Julius’ plans and orders.

And the tactics that he uses in this movie goes back to how he made his impact as Zero, and that caught the attention of Shin, who manages to put two and two together.

3. The After Credits Scene

code geass preview

The second movie was kind of weak with this but this movie has an awesome post-credit scene that ties very well to the ending of the movie. You finally see trust and unity in the wZERO team but you still see they have a war to win. Despite initially planned to be 4 movies, the after credit scene also announces there will be a 5th movie.

When “Boukoku no Akito” finally finishes, I feel it is something that is best for binge watching considering that the movies are immediately inter-connected. The second movie came out in Fall 2013 and this movie was originally scheduled for 2014 but was delayed to May 2015. So watching the movies up to now and having to wait for the next one may be difficult for some viewers.

Up to this point, I think of “Boukoku no Akito” as a 4 ½ hour movie in the same way as the “Daredevil” Netflix series feels like a 13 hour movie. The moment you finish one movie, you want to see more. But if you live in Japan and wish to enjoy the novelty of being able to watch anime in theaters, I believe the animation quality and its action is a treat to see on a big screen. All we can do is hope the remaining movies won't be delayed and that it will have a great ending that connects everything.



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