Collar X Malice is out now for the PS Vita!

What You Need to Know:

  • Aksys Games and Idea Factory are thrilled to announce that Collar x Malice, the dark and suspensful detective visual novel, is now available to buy on PlayStation Vita! This game is certainly worth every penny and if you'd like to know our take on the game then be sure to check out our review when we publish it!
  • To know more about the dark story, scroll down below for a synopsis.

Source: Official Press Release


As a young police officer tasked with restoring order, you become the target of an attack, and have a poisonous collar attached to your neck. With the situation spiraling out of control and time running out, five mysterious strangers appear to aid you in your quest for the truth. Who can you trust? Will you be able to save yourself and the soul of Shinjuku from the clutches of oblivion? In a city bound by malice, you are the only hope for salvation!

Key Features

Many Paths to the Truth

Elements of choice and trust weave together to form a branching narrative leading to multiple unique endings! Weigh your options carefully and follow your instincts in your quest to restore order to the city!

Stalked by Death, Bound by Malice

Put your detective skills to the test! The mysterious and deadly collar attached to your neck holds the key to solving a myriad of sinister secrets. Will you crack the case in time?

Mind Bending Narrative with Massive Amounts of Gameplay

Collar X Malice offers intriguing characters, brooding visuals and a gripping story full of mystery guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

honeys anime character
I remember watching a Youtuber doing a playthrough of this and I thought it looked really creepy.

honeys anime character
The story setting is definitely very dark and is supposed to immerse you into this world of madness, which I actually like.

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