Combat Arms: Reloaded Ready For Deployment!

CAR_logo_403x145-1 Combat Arms: Reloaded Ready For Deployment!

What You Need to Know:

  • NEXON Europe has announced that Combat Arms: Reloaded – a huge overhaul to the massively popular, free-to-play, multiplayer shooter – is available to download right NOW.
  • Combat Arms: Reloaded offers up a fresh and intense multiplayer matches while preserving the classic Combat Arms values that gamers across the globe know and love. Completely overhauled by three core design tenants – redesign, rebalance and redefine – Combat Arms has never looked better or delivered a more competitive gameplay experience.
  • To stay up to date on all the latest updates and changes, be sure to visit the official Combat Arms Reloaded website

Source: Official Nexon Press Release

Additional Information

Features: Redesigns

Updated graphics engine

  • An updated graphics engine, among many other improvements, provides higher-resolution textures, better lighting effects, and real-time shadows while preserving the classic Combat Arms action.
  • All new matchmaking system

  • A brand-new Ranked Matchmaking system makes unbalanced matches a thing of the past. Deploy straight into combat in just two clicks and no more browsing room lists. A new ‘Hardcore’ mode allows you to take the fight to the next level.
  • Updated user interface

  • A new, customizable UI means every important function is easily accessible. Create shortcuts for your favourite features and fight your enemies, not the interface!
  • Features: Rebalanced

    Revisiting the classics

  • Combat Arms Reloaded will empower veteran players by making veteran equipment competitive again. All Bronze and low-grade Silver weapons will see a significant stat increases. Changes to the stats of balance outliers, ensure a fair experience for all soldiers.
  • Streamlined combat experience

  • The armoury has been streamlined, yet still provides the variety soldiers need. Cosmetic and base equipment versions will be unified, while versions with unique strengths and weaknesses will continue to provide a customized combat experience.
  • Field Vest

  • The new Field Vest ensures every soldier - whether recruit or veteran - is equipped for battle from the get-go.
  • Features: Redefined

    True Free-to-play

  • Invest your hard-earned Game Points in permanent equipment and Supply Crates that enable you to push your skill to the next level. If it’s available using Nexon Cash, it’s also available using Game Points.
  • Make your skill count

  • More Game Points will be given out post-match, giving players an increased opportunity to acquire permanent equipment that fits their strategy.
  • Transparent prices

  • Nexon Cash purchases will continue to be possible for every item. In addition to stat adjustments, items will also receive adjusted prices that reflect these changes.
  • Latest Media

    Combat Arms: Reloaded Official Trailer

    CAR_logo_403x145-1 Combat Arms: Reloaded Ready For Deployment!
    All of these new features really help to sell the game. Combat Arms looks great.
    CAR_logo_403x145-1 Combat Arms: Reloaded Ready For Deployment!
    I may have to give this one a try and see how it is.

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