Cosmic Love in Sazan & Comet Girl

  • Mangaka : Yuriko Akase
  • Publisher : Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Genre : Action, Science Fiction, Space
  • Published : September 2020

Some people are strong proponents of the notion that love is not bound by distance. In fact, it’s arguable that the greater the distance, the greater the love. You may find it corny or cheesy, but we are kind of sold to that idea. We’re no experts in love, but we think distance shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to two people that have deep feelings for each other. Yes, not even the great vastness of outer space.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Sazan is a normal human working as a Terran in outer space. Yes, humanity has not only found other intelligent life forms but is also coexisting with them peacefully. One fateful day, however, Sazan happens to miss the last trip for the ride back to Earth. As such, he’s pretty much stranded in outer space. Fortunately for him, one random redhead took notice of him and offered him a ride. Like any logical man ever, he came with her. Turns out that Mina is a comet girl, meaning she contains a vast amount of much-coveted energy. As such, space pirates and whatnot are hot on her trails.

Why You Should Read Sazan & Comet Girl

1. Full-colored Goodness

Before anything else, we’d love to say that Sazan & Comet Girl comes in full-color. That means from the first page to the last page is inked! Don’t get us wrong, we love reading manga, be it the typical black and white or colored, but we definitely appreciate seeing them so full of color and alive. That also leaves little to no work for our imagination, thus letting us focus on the plot and dialogue. Plus, let’s face it. Who doesn’t really like things in color, right?

2. A Classic to the Core

This series has been originally published during the era of space operas. We mean it’s pretty obvious with the title and synopsis alone. That said, expect everything during that era to be packaged here. From the storyline, artwork, quirks, and even the ignorance of physics and such. Nonetheless, reading it made us feel nostalgic. It’s just like being a young child again reading works from years past. Those days were the golden years of manga, and it sure is nice to go down memory lane once in a while.

3. Full Omnibus

If you are not aware of what omnibus means, it’s basically a collection. That can be a collection of volumes, arcs, or even the entire series. For this, it’s the entire series in one book. Yes, that means you don’t have to worry about getting a cliffhanger or experiencing the truly frustrating feeling of waiting for the next volume to be released. Sazan & Comet Girl is a 500-page book that is a roller coaster of fun and love. Their love story will even put Anna of Frozen’s love story to shame.

Final Thoughts

Reading Sazan & Comet Girl reminded us of the manga of decades past. Think about the first-ever Dragon Ball, Ranma ½, and the likes. Both art and jokes are nostalgically familiar. It was a thrilling and fun ride in its full-colored glory. Although it gives off the impression that it wasn’t really that well-thought off in modern standards, nobody during that era cared much about realism. If it does have a downside, though, it’s making us realize how old we are.

Sazan-to-Suisei-No-Shojo-manga-1 Cosmic Love in Sazan & Comet Girl


Author: Christian Markle

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