Could You Survive in an Isekai World?

Depending on how much you like the real world, you might be one of the few fans of series like Sword Art Online and think “I wish I could be in a game world”. That’s why the isekai genre is so popular and only continuing to grow in the anime kingdom. People love the idea of living in an RPG-like world where you can level up, get tons of cool abilities, and possibly nab a harem of well-endowed ladies. However, Sword Art Online—in the initial first few episodes—showed us the terrifying reality of being sent to an isekai world. If death is game over, then, would living in a fictional world really be that fun? A better question would then follow; could you survive in an isekai world?

Gear Up and Level Up

Gamers who live and breathe RPGs will know that if you want to survive any threat…you need to be prepared. As evident in series like Sword Art Online or Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions being under-leveled or lacking the proper gear will mean your life in this new isekai world will be short-lived. First things first, you need to prepare for anything.

Like Konosuba taught us, money speaks volumes in all worlds, fictional or not. Be prepared to do odd jobs and kills slime monsters—if they are easy enemies—to power level and get the currency needed for better equipment. If you want to survive in an isekai world you need to play it like any RPG, level up, and grab all high-end gear!

Grab Some Friends

Unless you’re an expert MMO player like Kirito or were sent to a new world with a high-end phone like Touya Mochizuki from In Another World With My Smartphone, you are going to die pretty quickly alone. Let’s face it, monsters in any landscape can be quite fear-inducing. Alone, you’re going to constantly be worried about facing new challenges and going into high item areas. Yet, if you grab some comrades—hopefully some sexy ones—then you might be able to survive and have some company to boot.

Now we joked about sexy anime ladies but let’s be real, eye candy won’t help you survive an isekai world. You need a balanced party of mages, healers and/or fellow swordsman. These party members will keep you alive—as you also stay alive—and will make any adventure feel a bit more exciting.

Study and Do Some Homework

Who here likes Geography? We can presume most of you readers out there are either in love with the study or wish to abstain from anything that is homework. However, studying will keep you alive in an isekai world and here are some reasons why.

First off, knowing where you are is vital to any survival scenario. Maybe this world you’ve been sent to is full of snowy areas. Not knowing where to go for food/shelter will make living off the land basically impossible. Plus, if you are well informed about your current world you can realize what monsters to avoid, where you might survive a bit easier and know how to avoid the dangers of areas filled with possible bandits/pirates.

Get Tough

Alright folks, you might get lucky and end up in an isekai world like No Game No Life which has zero challenges, or a world like Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks where there are little dangers…aside from being around your mom who gets a bit too much attention for her looks. If you’re like Naofumi Iwatani though you will find yourself transported to a world full of strife and backstabbers. If you’re the latter, then here’s what you need to do folks. Get ready to get tough!

Naofumi survives his betrayal in the world of The Rising of the Shield Hero not by being goofy and clueless—we’re looking at you Touya—but by becoming tough. Like any dangerous situation, the weak fall while the strong tend to survive. Isekai worlds might not be a fun journey for all and if you end up smack dab in some political falling you might need to man up and be prepared to show you’re not to be trifled with!

Final Thoughts

The idea of being sent to another world might seem like a great thought but let’s be real for a moment. We have seen a lot of isekai themed anime and some of these worlds protagonists are sent to seem more deadly than exciting. That’s why surviving will be a tough time and only those prepared will truly find their new life easier and survivable.

Do you think you have some pro tips on how to survive in another world? Comment below to let us all know! For even more articles like this one be sure to keep stuck to our always over-leveled hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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