Cuddle Up with Our Top 5 Husbandos of Fall 2020 Anime

During a pandemic when meeting up with people is highly discouraged, it’s not easy to find love. In these trying times, we find ourselves turning to anime for the escapism we so desperately need. Looking back at the wonderful shows we enjoyed this fall, several dashing guys have stood out as husband material. These top 5 husbandos of fall 2020 are sure to make you swoon if they haven’t already!

5. Fushimi Omi from A3! Season Autumn and Winter

Right away, you’ll notice two seemingly opposite things about Omi; the scar on his face and his doting personality. These are both indicators of his complicated past. Omi took on the household responsibilities without a mother to care for him and his brothers and father, thus molding him into a natural peace-maker and care-taker. Yet the scar is a memento from his days in a gang where he was one of the strongest fighters there. After his fellow gang member and best friend was killed, Omi got revenge on the rival gang but still found himself without purpose. Now that he is acting, he’s found his place amongst people again. Such a gentle, kind soul with a tragic past makes you want to comfort and be comforted by him. Plus, if someone hurts you, he can kick their ass AND bake you cookies!

4. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai) from Noblesse

A Noble, creature with extraordinary powers far beyond a human, of the highest power is known as the Noblesse… but his friends just call him Rai. Rai is tall, gorgeous, and extremely strong and what he lacks in computer literacy he makes up for in manipulation over blood. He often remains silent but the few things he does say are often quite sweet. He’d even use his immense powers just to put a smile on his friend’s face. Rai cares about humans and can’t stand people lording power over others. He’s capable of such immense destruction which only makes the careful manner in which he normally conducts himself to be all the more regal. We love a dangerous man!

3. Tanaka Ryu from Haikyuu!! To the Top

When it comes to husband material in Haikyuu, there are so many potential candidates it might make your head spin. However, seeing Tanaka’s backstory in To the Top really solidifies him as a true husbando! From the very first moment he laid eyes on Shimizu, that was it for him. He was ready to marry her and years later with no romantic connection between them, that hasn’t changed. He’s not deluding himself either and when faced with the opportunity to date a real cutie that DID like him, Tanaka gently turned her down as he wanted to respect both his and the other girl’s feelings. He’s confident, funny, athletic, loyal, and knows just what to say when you’re in a funk. He’s a total love!!

2. Gojou Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen

A powerful teacher with a penchant for teasing others is a hot combination and few do it better than Gojou-sensei. He’s super funny and even when all hope seems lost, you’ll never catch him acting like anything’s wrong. The way he wields such strong jujutsu as if it were child’s play is both thrilling and terrifying when you think that this power is in the hands of such a care-free man. It’s easy to let your guard down though, as he’s so charming. And… should you look under his eye coverings, you’ll never want to look at another man again!

1. William James Moriarty from Moriarty the Patriot (Yuukoku no Moriarty)

If you have a thing for hot villains, look no further than William James Moriarty. He has the looks of a red-eyed angel with his pale skin and beautiful blond hair and mannerisms of a well-brought-up noble. However, his secret revenge-seeking side is where his hotness lies. He’s not even a bad villain as his goal is to help others get revenge, dare we say justice, for criminal acts committed against them. A kind, beautiful man gently helping you with your unresolved grudges and then offering you a warm cup of tea after? We’d put our morals on the line for Moriarty!

Final Thoughts

Thank god for all the great anime guys we can fantasize about last season! There are a lot of factors that make someone generally attractive such as intelligence, looks, power, and build, and our boys have that in spades! Thrill-seekers will probably appreciate Gojou, Rai, and Moriarty more while those looking for a simpler romance can truly appreciate Tanaka and Omi! Who were the guys that caught your eye this fall 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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