Darwin's Game

Darwins-Game Darwin's Game

Darwins-Game Darwin's Game

Darwin's Game

Death Game

Airing Date:
January 2020


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An ordinary high school student Kaname started the app "Darwin's Game" after receiving an invitation from his best friend one day. This game gives each player various supernatural abilities known as Sigil and each are forced to risk their lives in this battle between the supernatural ability users. Since it is possible to die as the worst situation in this game, Kaname, who wanted to quit the game, seeks advice from another player, Shuka on the method to retire from the game. But he was shocked after finding out that there is no way to quit after joining the game.
Among them, Kaname received a call from the GM after clearing the event "Treasure Hunting Game" and found out that it is possible to quit the game by clearing the game or destroying the system. Thus, Kaname formed the clan "Sunset Revenge" and aims to clear the game.

Characters & Voice Actors

Kaname: Yuusuke Kobayashi

A 17 year old, second year high school boy. In order to help his friend Kyouda, he joined Darwin's Game without knowing about anything. But he become a player worth giving attention to after defeating a popular player in a fight as a newcomer. After the battle with Shuka, they formed an alliance and she become a member of the clan he formed.
Shuka: Rena Ueda

A 16 year old high school girl. She is a powerful person as she ranked 5th and possessed a high combat ability. She is known as the "Undefeated Queen" as she won 49 battles in a row since her first battle.
Rain: Nichika Omori

A 13 year old, first-year middle school girl. She is good at information collection and is known as the "analyst" as she can analyze each information in a precise manner.
Ryuji: Taku Yashiro

A 21 year old man. He wears a skull mask and a bulletproof armor, and he is good at suppressing enemies with his machine gun.
Sui/Sota: Miyuri Hanamori

A young girl (young boy) with dual personality.

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Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: Alive by Anano Mashiro
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: FLIPFLOPs
  • Director: Tokumoto Yoshinobu
  • Character Design: Kazuya Nakanishi
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Suehiro Kenichiro

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