Like Darwin’s Game? Watch This!

How do you play a game where the reward is greater than anything you can imagine? Are you brutal in your tactics or do you try to team up with others to whittle away the competition? Darwin’s Game is the prime example of an anime series that shows when someone wants to win…they will do whatever it takes to do succeed. The brutality of the series mixed with the amazing characters and drama made Darwin’s Game a truly powerful series beloved by many! If you maybe watched Darwin’s Game and are in the need for anime similar to it, you’re in luck. We here at Honey’s Anime HQ have found two similar shows that should appeal to fans of Darwin’s Game and those two shows are just down below!

Liked Darwin’s Game? Watch Killing Bites!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2018 – March 2018

Mild-mannered college student Yuuya Nomoto is about to find himself thrown into a deadly game where the stakes are quite high. Unseen to most of the world a group of powerful beings called Therianthropes exist. These warriors contained modified genes that give them the traits of various animals and allow them to fight on a whole new visceral level! Now forced to act as the caretaker for Hitomi Uzaki—one of these advanced beings—Yuuya’s life will become forfeit if Hitomi fails to win the deadly game called Killing Bites.

Major Similarities Between Darwin’s Game and Killing Bites

1. A Whole New Game

Darwin’s Game worked so well because the “game” within was brutal, visceral and no holds bar. Killing Bites excels in the same way with the deadly underground competition where battles aren’t simple knockouts but much more! Both of these series use this central theme to keep the viewer wondering who will win the grand prize and who will end up in a coffin…

2. All By Accident

Yuuya from Killing Bites might be quite different from Kaname Sudo—the MC of Darwin’s Game—in terms of personality, these two souls both happened upon their life or death games by pure accident. Dragged into these strange almost supernatural battles, these two MCs must rely on others—and their perseverance—if they wish to live and become the victors.

Liked Darwin’s Game? Watch Gleipnir!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2020 – June 2020

To his friends, Shuuichi Kagaya seems like the typical quiet classmate who is good at his studies and keeps to himself. However, unknown to his school Shuuichi has a dark ability that came from unknown origins. At will, Shuuichi can transform his body into a mascot-like body that gives him heighten smell, speed, strength, and power. After he uses this form to save a young girl named Claire Aoki, Shuuichi realizes that a strange war is beginning where various enhanced humans—like himself—are attempting to find 100 coins to be granted any wish they desire. Claire and Shuuichi will need to team up to stop a specific target from gaining these coins and possibly destroying the world in the process.

Major Similarities Between Darwin’s Game and Gleipnir

1. Vicious Fights

While Darwin’s Game is more about psychological warfare when battles occur, the central theme of these fights end up being visceral and quite brutal. Gleipnir follows suit by having some wicked battles where characters lose limbs and are torn apart as if they are toys. If you desire deadly battles, Gleipnir will have you covered in spades!

2. Strange Powers

Sudo’s power of creation and Shuuichi’s transformation are unique abilities that make both series quite peculiar. There is a myriad of powers within the world of Gleipnir such as one man’s ability to make his head into a camera with recording abilities and a boy can grow planets at extreme rates. These abilities might seem silly but like Darwin’s Game, the powers within Gleipnir are used in smart ways to help win battles and aren’t cookie-cutter skills like in other anime series.

Final Thoughts

Games involving death are always captivating because they show the length humans will go to win and prevail. Darwin’s Game, Gleipnir, and Killing Bites had some brutal moments but we loved every second! Do you feel any other series are like Darwin’s Game? Comment below to let us know! Be sure to keep stuck to our amazing hive for even more articles like this one done by us busy bees here at Honey’s Anime!

Killing-Bites-dvd-1-225x350 Like Darwin’s Game? Watch This!


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Killing-Bites-dvd-1-225x350 Like Darwin’s Game? Watch This!

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Killing-Bites-dvd-1-225x350 Like Darwin’s Game? Watch This!

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