Dies Irae - Fall 2017

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Dies-Irae-300x450 Dies Irae - Fall 2017

Dies-Irae-300x450 Dies Irae - Fall 2017

Dies irae

Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery

Airing Date:
October 7 2017


Honey’s Highlights

Dies-Irae-300x450 Dies Irae - Fall 2017
Dies Irae was actually crowdfunded so... there is that.
Dies-Irae-300x450 Dies Irae - Fall 2017
Please don't tell me it is going to go the route of Mayoiga!
Dies-Irae-300x450 Dies Irae - Fall 2017
It was originally a Visual Novel. There is so much German here though. Another anime with over-the-top German names. Is this going to end up being like Youjo Senki? Japan really does have a thing for Germany.
Dies-Irae-300x450 Dies Irae - Fall 2017
This almost feels a little bit like how Fate/Aphocrypha is set up with the backstory. Let's see how this plays out. Don't forget to watch episode zero as well!

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After a certain incident Ren Fujii, a student at a school in Suwahara City, gets into a fight with his best friend Shirou Yusa. However, this was no ordinary fight - it was like a fight to the death, and Ren ends up being forced to spend two months in hospital.

It's December when Ren is finally discharged. Feeling as though he’s lost half of himself, he thinks he must build a new life, one without Shirou. But although he wants to treasure what he still has, that too begins to fall apart. He’s plagued by nightmares. There’s a mass-murderer on the rampage, with black-cladded ‘Knights’ on their tail.

In this increasingly insane world, Ren steps out alone to cross the border between the ordinary and the extraordinary, wishing for nothing more than to return to the dull but warm days of his past. But how will Ren see things in the end, after getting involved in the continuation of a war from the past?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Ren Fujii

Voice Actor: Kousuke Toriumi

The protagonist, a lone wolf whose social skills are somewhat lacking. He may look somewhat detached for his age, but he actually has a complex about his soft, feminine features and gets in a bad mood whenever someone compliments his appearance.

Shirou Yusa

Voice Actor: Takeshi Maeda

Ren’s childhood friend, who he considered his best friend. Fought with Ren after he caused a certain incident while recklessly pursuing pleasure. Ever since he and Ren almost killed each other, Shirou left school and has never been seen or heard of again.


Voice Actor: Yui Sakakibara

A mysterious girl who appears in Ren’s dreams. She’s definitely not Japanese, but her background and real name are unknown. In fact, it’s unclear as to whether she actually exists or not. She has the pure smile of an angel, but is that a scar from a guillotine around her neck…?

Rea Himuro

Voice Actor: Hitomi Nabatame

A popular upperclassman at school. However, due to her fans being somewhat maniacal, she hangs around Ren to keep them at bay. One-quarter German, she’s not very expressive and is cool and aloof in any situation. That doesn’t mean she’s a cold person, though - she’s just a bit weird.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kadenz by Yui Sakakibara
  • Ending Song: Opera by Phero☆Men
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: light
  • Director: Susumu Kudou
  • Script: Takashi Masada
  • Series Composition: Takashi Masada
  • Sound Director: Yousuke Morita
  • Original Illustrator: G-Yuusuke
  • Music: Keishi Yonao

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