6 Anime Like Dies Irae [Recommendations]

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While Dies Irae might not be getting the best fanfare at the moment, we here at Honey’s Anime recognize the series for what it does well. With impressive animation and a truly unique story being told—plus some cool fights so far—we honestly can see why some people are still showing love for Dies Irae. That’s why if you’re one of the ones loving Dies Irae waiting a week for a new release could be painful. Then you could also be the one waiting till Dies Irae finishes so you can binge it and not have to take breaks for anything more than a bathroom break or snack break. Regardless of which category of viewer you fall under we wanted to assist you by finding some anime similar to Dies Irae that you might enjoy in the meantime.

That’s why we cordially invite you all to join us with yet another recommendations list. Today’s list we look at 6 Anime Like Dies Irae. Let us talk about all these different shows and prove to you folks that if you’re a fan of Dies Irae or looking for something similar that these are ultimately the anime to watch. Action shows, drama filled ones and tons of magical fights are just a few of the examples you can expect on this list. Now if you’re ready, pick up your mouse and or use your touchpads to scroll down and start off this list of 6 Anime Like Dies Irae.

Similar Anime to Dies Irae

1. Taboo Tattoo

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul, 2016- Sept, 2016

Middle Schooler Seigi is driven to help and protect people. As Seigi lives by this creed, he often ends up getting into fights to protect those who aren’t as capable as him. Then one evening when Seigi intervenes as a homeless man gets attacked by a group of thugs he is then given a strange tattoo as a reward. Unable to be removed, Seigi learns this isn’t an ordinary tattoo but one that makes him a powerful weapon. Now, Seigi must not only continue to protect those around him but he must also protect himself from those who want his new-found power at any cost.

Beginning our list of 6 Anime Like Dies Irae we look at supernatural martial arts anime Taboo Tattoo. Akin to Dies Irae, Taboo Tattoo loves to throw its main cast of characters into battles where anything seems possible. Animated by J.C. Staff, Taboo Tattoo looks great and has a nice overall style which makes it visually pleasing for the eyes. At only 12 episodes, Taboo Tattoo doesn’t go into the full manga story it’s based on, but it also shows that a season 2 is always possible in the near future. If you like brutal mature fights with a tinge of supernatural themes mirroring Dies Irae, you’ll truly want to give Taboo Tattoo a try.

Taboo Tattoo PV (Official Trailer)

2. 11eyes

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct, 2009- Dec, 2009

Kakeru Satsuki hasn’t lived an easy life. Thankfully with one good friend in the form of Yuka Minase, Satsuki has found a means of avoiding the cruelty of others thanks to his stoic personality and strange eye patch covered eye. However, a strange incident befalls the duo when the sky mysteriously turns blood red and the moon becomes black. Everyone apart from Satsuki and Minase seems to vanish and what now roams the streets of their city are odd monsters that seem bent on killing them. Though a semblance of hope arrives when Satsuki meets several others who have been dealing with this altered reality and with hesitance, Satsuki and Minase join them to discover a mean of surviving…

11eyes is one of those odd shows where normality is something only seen for a passing moment in its tale. All too like Dies Irae, 11eyes loves to keep its viewers guessing all while providing entertainment in the form of powerful fights between a group of what should be normal students and creatures from another world of sorts. While 11eyes hasn’t gotten a lot of love in the anime community, we here at Honey’s Anime have always found its dark tones and supernatural battles to be what makes it a worthwhile watch. Thus, we recommend giving 11eyes a chance if you’re enjoying Dies Irae and need some more supernatural fights. Let us also mention that if you need some ecchi—thanks to a cast of mostly girls—11eyes has you covered.

3. Guilty Crown

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: Oct, 2011- Mar, 2012

Japan has always been a strong nation until the year 2029 where an incident known as Lost Christmas broke out spreading a virus dubbed the Apocalypse Virus around. Even after ten years, Japan has been desperately trying to restore order but due to a loss of a central government, a new policing force called the GHQ has tried their part in making order for the nation with cruel laws and even harsher punishments. Though not all of Japan bows to the GHQ and one rebellious group—known as Funeral Parlor—fights back to save Japan from GHQ’s policing. One young man named Shuu Ouma is about to get involved in their back and forth war when he ends up gaining the Power of Kings and is able to create weapons from the hearts of men and women alike. Utilizing this power, Shuu must now enter into this war and not only help others but also must learn the truth hidden behind this war…

Releasing in Oct 14, 2011 Guilty Crown surprised the anime world with a sci-fi action anime that was a true treat for those that loved unique stories and powers. Mirroring Dies Irae, our protagonist unwillingly gets involved in a war that has lasted for ten years—though in Dies Irae the war unseen by many has been lasting for a considerable longer amount of time—and must now use his powers to fight for a new future. At 22 episodes long, Guilty Crown offers up viewers a nice amount of content that will keep you hooked from episode 1 all the way to the finale. We also love the music in Guilty Crown and many fans will agree it’s one of the best elements of the show. That’s why we recommend checking out Guilty Crown if you want an action anime set in an alternative future and equally want some great animation thanks to Production I.G who never cease to not amaze us here at Honey’s Anime.

Guilty Crown- Promotional Video (Official Trailer)

Any Anime Like Dies Irae ?

4. Fate/Apocrypha

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jul, 2017- Present

Acting as a parallel story to the Fate/stay Night series, Fate/Apocrypha tells of the story of the Fifth Holy Grail War. During the past, the Greater Grail disappeared during the third war and it led many to wonder what had happened to the ancient artifact. However, the silence is broken when the Yggdmillennia family removes themselves from the Mage’s Association and makes a bold claim they have the grail in their possession. Despite a large-scale operation to retrieve the grail using 50 magi all but one die from a servant. Using his last bit of strength, the one survivor activates the Greater Grail’s reserve power to summon 14 new servants and begin a new war…

The Fate series has always given us fans a truly impressive story mixing historical icons and mythological ones in equal measure. That same element is found in studio A-1 Pictures’ Fate/Apocrypha series. While Fate/Apocrypha is still currently airing like Dies Irae—at the moment it is on episode 17—we are absolutely loving this new story and know fans and even newcomers will enjoy it. Impressive animation and great fights are just a few things to look forward to when watching Fate/Apocrypha so don’t hesitate to get into this series as soon as possible. When you’re caught up comment down below who some of your favorite characters are from Fate/Apocrypha, we personally love Ruler and Sieg but even some of the enemies such as Shiro and Dracula.

5. Bungou Stray Dogs

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr, 2016- Jun, 2016

Atsushi Nakajima has recently been cursed by a strange tiger that seems to follow him and cause problems anywhere he goes. Kicked out of his orphanage for being a prime suspect in recent incident in the city, Atsushi now is homeless and forced to fend for himself. That however ends when Atsushi meets a drowning man named Osamu Dazai who he saves. Dazai along with others have actually been looking for Atsushi as they know of his hidden power and soon Atsushi learns that the white tiger he sees is actually him when he activates his powers unknowingly. Dazai then invites Atsushi to join the agency he works for which is filled with others who have powers like Atsushi, but use said powers to help keep the city safe from supernatural elements and those who also have powers but use them for ill intentions.

One element we truly like about Dies Irae is the use of historical elements in an altered way of sorts. That theme is also found in Bungou Stray Dogs as the main cast of characters are all based on writers from the real world but with powers that we’re pretty sure they didn’t have. Nevertheless, Bungou Stray Dogs is a truly great anime from legendary studio Bones that doesn’t disappoint with a nice use of mystery, action and even some comedy here and there. That’s why we felt Bungou Stray Dogs was a great anime to recommend for our list of 6 Anime Like Dies Irae. With 2 seasons—both are 12 episodes—and a future movie to release called Bungou Stray Dogs: Dead Apple, now is an appropriate time to catch up so you can also enjoy the greatness that is Bungou Stray Dogs.

6. Juuni Kokuki (The Twelve Kingdoms)

  • Episodes: 45
  • Aired: Apr, 2002- Aug, 2003

Young high school girl Nakajima Youko has lived what many would call an average life so far. Though those days vanish before Youko’s eyes when one day something amazing occurs. A man named Keiki appears before Youko and swears his allegiance to her then she and her friends are attacked by strange creatures. Before she can even begin to comprehend what is going on, Youko and her friends are then teleported to a new world quite different from their own. With no other options before them the friends must now find means of surviving in this foreign world to hopefully find a means back home.

Ending our list of 6 Anime Like Dies Irae we look at Juuni Kokuki. Similar to Dies Irae, Juuni Kokuki is quick to show throw at you action, fantasy and of course supernatural elements in the form of odd creatures and even stranger characters that aren’t all human. While Dies Irae is set in a more modern world, Juuni Kokuki only initially begins in a modern-day land and quickly goes into a more isekai inspired story. If you need a good adventure tale filled with great battles and tons of magical themes, then you’re going to want to watch Studio Pierrot’s Juuni Kokuki. Plus, with 45 episodes of Juuni Kokuki to enjoy you won’t have to worry about running out of material while waiting for new episodes of Dies Irae to release.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of the anime world is that while some might not like one show, there are countless others who might feel the complete opposite and just love said show. That’s why we’re noticing with Dies Irae, that many aren’t too thrilled with this visual novel adaptation, but others are standing their grounds and saying what a truly great show it is. That’s why our list of 6 Anime Like Dies Irae will appeal to both sides of the spectrum as it caters to fans of the series and those who might want something like Dies Irae but in a different format. Let us know if you agree with our statement and list above in the comments below and for more lists just like this one make sure to keep stuck to our great hive here at Honey’s Anime. Trust us folks, we judge shows critically here but we also make sure to stay as unbiased as possible to cater to every anime fan out there in this large world.

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