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digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

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  • Episodes : 54
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Kids, Shounen
  • Airing Date :March 7, 1999 – March 26, 2000
  • Producers : Toei Animation, Fuji TV

Digimon Adventure Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

Digimon Adventure Tri. is one of the most anticipated anime of this year. It was originally slated to release this spring. However, the series was pushed back to this fall.

People enjoyed watching the battles and formation of friendships in Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. There’s sure to be a more emotional and grander story in the new iteration. But, in order to fully appreciate the return of the original characters you’ll have to understand their past experiences and hardships.

A group of seven kids, the Digi Destined, were mysteriously transported to a digital world inhabited by various monsters. In order to survive this new place they each met and formed a bond with beasts known as digimon. With their new digital friends, the kids searched for a way to return home. All the while, they fought other dangerous digimon who were trying to take over this once peaceful digital world.

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Who does Digimon Adventure cater to?

This show is for anyone who loves watching a good adventure story with plenty of battles and memorable villains.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

The show has a certain charm that captures a wide audience. Even though the main characters are young children, the show doesn’t have a “kiddy” feel to it. The interesting characters and their relationships had some depth.

Also, the enemies and evolutions draw in fans. The enemies become more dangerous as the series progresses. They are more evil and ruthless, which is surprising considering the age of the DigiDestined. Plus, the audience looks forward to seeing each new evolution. They know that it’ll happen in a critical moment and turn the tide during an important battle.

Digimon Adventure OP

Digimon Adventure Main Characters List

Taichi Yagami

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Voice Actor :Fujita, Toshiko

Tai is your typical young, brash protagonist. His curiosity and neglect for consequences usually get him into trouble. His hot temper can be a detriment but underneath that he has a good heart.

His courage and desire to set things right naturally put him in the position of the DigiDestined leader. He is always ready to take on new challenges and will do anything to protect Augumon and his friends.

Tai’s upbeat attitude and determination are invaluable to the group. He gives the others hope that they can restore balance to the Digital World and one day return home.

Yamato “Matt” Ishida

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Voice Actor :Kazama, Yuuto

Matt has a completely different temperament from Tai. Where Tai likes to rush into battle and be the center of attention, Matt always keeps a level head and likes to go off on his own to contemplate and reflect on his decisions. He has a strong connection with each member of the group.

His strong sense of responsibility stems from the fact that he has a younger brother, TK. Matt is very protective of him and that protection naturally spreads to the others.

He and Gabumon make a formidable duo. Whenever there is a dangerous digimon to be fought, the DigiDestined feel most comfortable with Tai and Matt taking the lead. They now Tai’s unbreakable spirit will receive unwavering support from Matt.


digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Voice Actor :Sakamoto, Chika

Augumon is arguably the face of the Digimon franchise. He has been in several different iterations of the show. He is usually put in the front of promotional materials. He is capable of evolving into one of the most powerful digimon in the series, WarGreymon.

In the original series, he meets his counterpart in Tai. The two get along splendidly and shoulder the burden of leading the DigiDestined. Though he and Tai have similar personalities Augumon is the more rational of the two. Early on in the series he has to step in at times to prevent his partner from walking into certain danger.

Contains Spoilers

Digimon Adventure Review

This is one of those series I have the fondest memories of as a young kid. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure these kids went on. The battles and journeys felt epic. That feeling hasn’t gone away. I still have the same thoughts when I watch the series today.

The story carries an epic feeling because of the traversing the DigiDestined achieved, and because they journeyed back and forth across worlds. The stakes constantly rose and their enemies became more ruthless and cunning. The real world had to rely on these children to defeat Myotismon and Apocalymon, otherwise it would be destroyed. The kids only had themselves for support and strength. But, their friendship was enough to carry them through to the end.

Friendship played a huge role in the story. At first, the DigiDestined had to form bonds with their newly acquired digital pets. That took some getting used to, but soon after they had to bond with one another. Their personalities were so different it took some time for that to finally develop. Tai and Matt were especially stubborn and didn’t see eye to eye on some very big issues. For a while, the entire group was split up and doing their own thing. Digimon Adventure did a great job of portraying a group of kids who weren’t in perfect harmony. Just like any real relationship, there are going to be some ups and downs. But, if deep down they care for one another then they’ll come through when times are tough.

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Another thing the series did right was finding a way to avoid the trope that most shounen anime fall into: placing the story on hold so characters can train. This happens in so many anime that it’s pretty much become a standard. That’s not to say that training arcs are not interesting, but I feel that they needlessly interrupt the main storyline. Digimon Adventure avoided this by giving the digimon the ability to evolve into stronger forms. This usually happened after they had mastered their current form and then an overwhelming enemy appeared. With the use of certain items, the crests and tags, they were able to evolve and meet the new threat head on.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that the overall story felt complete. In a relatively low number of episodes, the story took the characters to various locations and they fought many opponents. The very end of the series showed the final enemy (Apocalymon) being taken down by the combined efforts of the group. After that, they had to give a final farewell to their digital partners and return to their world for good. The series didn’t extend its length just for the sake of milking the franchise. Later iterations would introduce new characters and expand on the digital world. But, the first season, Digimon Adventure, was entirely self-contained and provided closure for the group of kids and fans alike.

1. Fighting Myotismon

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Myotismon is the first digimon they faced who seemed terrifying. He had a goal of crossing over into the real world and taking it over. He was far more intelligent than most other monsters. He was also humanoid (vampiric) in appearance, which made him creepy and separated him from the fodder they had fought up until then.

The whole story had been built up to their confrontation against Myotismon. Their crests and pendants had to be used in order to match him in strength. In the end, it came down to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon teaming up to take him down. Of course they couldn’t do it alone, they needed the help of the angel digimon and the 8th DigiDestined.

2. Introduction of the Dark Masters

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

Soon after the defeat of Venom Myotismon, the group returned to the digital world and found it in upheaval due to the actions of the Dark Masters. These four digimon were extremely powerful and the newly acquired Ultimate forms were no match for them.

What was more disturbing was the fact that the Dark Masters actively sought to torture or kill this group of kids. This was a big change from previous enemies who had simply wanted to subdue them or prevent them from disrupting some evil scheme.

3. MagnAngemon’s Arrival

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions

We had all been waiting for Angemon to finally reach his ultimate form, after all he was the last digimon to reach it. But, it definitely did not disappoint. He single handedly turned the fight against Piedmon. He overwhelmed the 2nd strongest enemy in the series and brought the rest of the group back into the fight.

He then used his angelic sword, Excalibur, to open up the Gate of Destiny. A combined attack from WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon blasted Piedmon into the gate. The doors sealed and he was forever locked away in oblivion.

There are only two anime that I’ve watched where the main characters are young kids, Digimon Adventure and Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V [https://honeysanime.com/yu-gi-oh-arc-v-im-getting-shivers/]. I’m usually annoyed by the interactions and childish storyline. But, Digimon Adventure didn’t feel like it specifically catered to children. Monsters, battles, epic adventure, interesting characters, the show had it all. It was able to reach a wider audience and because of it the series remains relevant and a classic.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing these characters return in Digimon Adventure tri. How about you guys? Is there a particular character you look forward to seeing? Maybe you hope a certain villain or two will return. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

digimon-adventure-wallpaper-698x500 Digimon Adventure Review & Characters - Our Digital Champions


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