Do as I Say, or You Will Die – Rebuild World

I Will Be Your Best Supporter.
  • Mangaka : Ayamura, Kirihiro (Art), Nafuse (Story)
  • Publisher : Dengeki Maoh
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Seinen
  • Published : July 2019 - Ongoing

Rebuild World Introduction (No Spoilers)

Akira, a young man who sets foot into the ruins of the old world, searching for relics as part of his income as a hunter. In the middle of the wasteland, he meets a strange woman standing perfectly still, stark naked. Strangely, Akira is the only person who could see her. Her name is Alpha, and she will guide and train Akira to be the best hunter.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Hey, you! We were tasked to act as your guide to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Oh, and also, you have five seconds to get out of this area, or else you will get eaten by a giant wolf with guns strapped to it. Now go!

Why You Should Read Rebuild World?

1. Guns

If you're really into gun aesthetic and seeing them in action. The manga artist nails the designs and the outfits are just sharp. We see in addition to the guns, they also added the futuristic weapons that could be only be found in the ruins and the sweet sweet augmentation used on humans just like in CyberPunk.

2. Tactical

Since we're in a post-apocalyptic world, we live a harsh environment and there weren't a lot of people out there we can trust as at the end of the day, they will eventually kill us, so, why not kill them? Just kidding. We only kill them, that is if they are going out to take our lives. The manga showcase of how Alpha teaches Akira when it comes to gun training, gun maintenance, adapting to environments and situations, exploration, understanding equipment that were sold from gunsmiths, and most importantly, general education such as reading and writing.

Final Thoughts

For now, we enjoyed reading Rebuild World, mainly because of the detail in the gun designs, strategies, and character development in a post-apocalyptic world. The artwork felt bold and clean at the same time. Even if the world is barren, there are modern gadgets added to the mix that makes you feel as if you're still in the modern world. This manga is still new so support the creators Ayamura and Nafuse and give this manga a go.

Rebuild-World-manga-300x421 Do as I Say, or You Will Die – Rebuild World


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