[Survival Anime Summer 2019] Like 7SEEDS? Watch This?

Based on the award winning manga by Yumi Tamura, 7SEEDS is a post-apocalyptic tale of how the world is devastated and returned to its primitive state after a meteor shower. For years, the government was worried about the upcoming Apocalypse and the only way to save humanity was to create five different groups consisting of seven individuals, and putting them in a cryogenic slumber for a good number of centuries. Each group is named after a season, but summer has two groups. What’s unique about each group is that each individual has a special skill that allows them to adapt, but with Summer Group B, it consists of unskilled misfits, however they will have to do what they can to survive. In addition to 7SEEDS, what other survival anime from this season is there to check out?

Liked 7SEEDS? Watch Dr. Stone

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 5, 2019 - Ongoing

It was just a regular day when a flash of light turned everyone into stone. For millenniums, everyone remains petrified and the Earth returns to its primal state as man-made structures crumble and nature returns. Then one day, selective parts of humanity are free from the curse. One such individual who is released from their petrified state is Senkuu, a teenage science fanatic. With his knowledge and passion, he wishes to rebuild society to where it was. While being hunted by lions, he uses the formula he’s been working on to cure humanity on Tsukasa, the teenage Fedor Emelenenko. Unfortunately, Tsukasa doesn’t share Senkuu’s vision of restoring humanity and feels that humanity should appropriately restart from where they are now. Not only is Tsukasa strong, he demonstrates he’s almost as smart as Senkuu making this one deadly conflict.

Major Similarities Between 7SEEDS and Dr. Stone

1. Changes in the Planet

Just like in 7SEEDS, what happens to the Earth in Dr. Stone has some notable similarities such as returning to a primitive state. In both respective series, evolution takes their own unique courses. For example, lions aren’t native to Japan but they appear in Dr. Stone (we’re to assume they’re probably descendants of captive animals from zoos), but 7SEEDS also has animals not native to Japan like sabertooth tigers (and dinosaurs). While weather patterns and sea levels have notably changed in 7SEEDS, in Dr. Stone, some distinguishing changes are how the Earth tilts differently changing the course of the magnetic field, and how people see the positions of the stars.

2. Conflicts

What’s also emphasized is how conflicts are expressed. It all comes down to how humanity wishes to proceed. In the Autumn Group of 7SEEDS, though they have made some considerable progress with what they have to work with, the members are ruled with an iron fist as each member is forced to work a certain role and make a quota. To make matters worse, sexual relationships are forbidden to avoid having children. With the Summer A Group, it all comes down to how they want revenge against their mentor with how they were raised under harsh conditions where only the strong survive, and had to face losing their friends as children.

In the case of Tsukasa and Senkuu, it’s a disagreement over how to proceed. With their conflict, you can understand both of their arguments as to why they wish to go their certain ways. Senkuu wants to advance humanity to where they once were, while Tsukasa wants to make a society ruled by the youth.

Liked 7SEEDS? Watch Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 3, 2019 – September 18, 2019

In the year 2063, humanity has finally expanded to outer space. One day, a group of high school kids come together under the impression they’re going to space camp. Upon arrival, a mysterious sphere engulfs them and strands them over 5000 light years away from home. Thankfully, these kids conveniently find an old abandoned spaceship and use it to chart their way home but not without some obstacles on the way.

Major Similarities Between 7SEEDS and Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space)

1. Every Character Contributes Individually and As a Team

Like 7SEEDS, Kanata no Astra has a large cast (though not to the same extent as 7SEEDS) and each character has a role to fulfill based on their skills and backgrounds. One character in Astra has a background as a medic, another character has cooking skills, another knows how to plot courses, and Kanata, the main character, has a background in survival. There are some characters that have skills that may be unconventional and yet have their contributions such as musical training/talent. As they visit new planets, they’re exposed to new forms of life and figure out how to adjust to their situations based on what they have.

2. Conspiracies

Both respective series deal in the realm of conspiracies in their own unique ways. We don’t want to get into spoiler territory so we’ll try to be minimal and vague. In 7SEEDS, you see how humanity tried to survive instantly after the meteor strike and how it turns out (really, watch the series to find out!). In Kanata no Astra, by the time you get to the climax, you pretty much learn the entire history of these characters and the history of their worlds, and how it relates to how and why they get stranded.

Final Thoughts

Anime about survival whether it would be in a post-apocalyptic world or in outer space can be very unique. While teamwork is a key component in order to survive and move forward, the unfortunate reality is that conflict will still be a part of the process. Some conflicts can be productive, or they can be destructive. Either way, when someone has something to contribute, we should value that and use it wisely.

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