Don’t Sleep on the Adventures Found in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai!

The Dragon Quest franchise has stood the test of time with a plethora of anime, manga, video games, and merchandise that shows it’s a series we can’t get enough of! Back in 1991 Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai) released and lasted for 40+ episodes but wasn’t a huge hit among fans of the franchise. Now in 2020, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai has returned with updated animation and a new version of the original story. Despite only having several episodes out at the time of writing, we have fallen in love with this adventure series. "Why?" you want to know? Glad you asked! Let’s tell you why you shouldn’t be sleeping on this revamped Dragon Quest anime!

Dai Returns New and Improved

Anime fans are born in different generations and thus our tastes in anime can be quite different from one another. Dragon Quest in 1991 was a fun shounen series that hit all those great adventure feels but we can’t lie and say its style—and animation—hold up in 2020. Luckily, Dai—Dragon Quest’s main hero—has been reborn with a newer style thanks to Toei Animation and we are digging his updated look! The franchises’ monsters have also been updated to look more colorful and visually appealing which should help newer age shounen fans dig this adventure series!

Fun-Hearted Journey

Sometimes, we here at Honey’s Anime like simpler anime to relax to and enjoy. Watching heavy-handed action series can be fun and exciting but equally can overwhelm the senses. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is going for a simpler approach and leans towards a heartfelt story of a young boy’s journey into a bigger world.

Yes, it’s a very cliché theme but when executed right—like it seems to be doing in this new Dragon Quest anime—there’s just something so fun and enjoyable about it. We can’t wait to see how the winds of destiny play out for Dai and his traveling pals as the series progresses.

New-Age Shounen

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai beckons in something we’ve been wanting to see as shounen fans, a return to the classic style but in a newer skin. Dai has already pulled off the tried and true concept of a young boy proving he has hidden powers just waiting to shine and has a heart that is both pure and simple. This theme could be found in hundreds of older shounen series like Dragon Ball, Naruto and Hunter x Hunter but seeing it in 2020 is refreshing. Will Dragon Quest continue to improve and create some newer shounen staples? That question still is being answered but so far, we have high hopes for Dai and his quest to save the world!

Toei Plain and Simple

Toei Animation has proven that studios can adapt and change with the times while keeping the older anime styles of yesteryear alive in current works. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is proof of this as it utilizes older designs—Dai looks like his original counterpart in many ways—but with modern design tweaks that look impressive. Equally, Dai’s few fights in the series have come across wonderfully with some stellar animation choices and fun color designs! Toei Animations never fails us here at Honey’s Anime and we know older anime fans won’t disagree that Dragon Quest looks stellar compared to the original 1991 version.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai seems to be having a rocky start in the anime community and that pains us a bit. We recognize the older shounen style might not impress those used to newer series like Fairy Tail, One Piece and the like but we want people to give this series a try! Have you experience Dai’s new journey in Dragon Quest or plan to? Shout out your answers in the comments below! For even more anime articles and recommendations keep stuck to our ever-growing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Doragon-kuesuto-Dai-no-daibouken-Wallpaper-2-501x500 Don’t Sleep on the Adventures Found in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai!


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