Drifting Home Review - Finding Friendship While Drifting On The Open Seas.

Friends come and go in life, sometimes you’ll have a friend your entire childhood life, and then when you go to high school, the friendship just fades away. It can be truly sad losing a close friend when they go their own way in life but growing up sometimes means drifting from one another for whatever reason. That’s why when we here at Honey’s Anime read the synopsis of Drifting Home, available to watch on Netflix, we immediately knew this was a movie we wanted to check out. Focusing on several young friends, Drifting Home tells the tale of friends who are teleported, alongside the apartment complex they were on, to the open seas. Now trying to find a way home and to survive, the friends who drifted apart once before must band together or face possible death. Was Drifting Home worth the watch or should you drift on to another anime movie? We find out in our full review of Drifting Home by Studio Colorido and produced by Netflix!

All Genres Covered

Drifting Home’s main premise is a bunch of kids who somehow find themselves lost at sea in a giant abandoned apartment complex. It sounds like horror and could be seen a bit like that given the scenario plus when Natsume—one of the female leads—discovers near the final hours what lies below the ocean. There are times when these kids literally joke about where to pee and shower despite being, again, at sea. We even found the romance between the main male Kosuke and Natsume with a possible love triangle if you add in Reina. Drifting Home obviously isn’t ten different genres thrown into one movie but we loved how the entire 2-hour movie feels like an adventure that isn’t just a “growing up” tale or a simple fantasy plot. Drifting Home has layers upon layers that keep you, the viewer, constantly wondering what elements will pop up next and how they move the story forward.

Animation Your Eyes Won’t Drift From

There’s a sequence early on in Drifting Home where the scene flies under a canopy of trees and it was then we knew without a doubt Drifting Home would have some spectacular animation. Even when the kids are trapped in their floating abandoned apartment, the art and animation for Drifting Home screams high quality. Studio Colorido—Burn the Witch—hasn’t done many anime films but we need to see them more often as they have great potential! Drifting Home, from start to finish, felt like it was done by a bigger animation studio and that is shocking from their small list of works done previously. From the setting details—the apartment complex looks very realistic and kind of haunted—to the characters and how they move about make Drifting Home so appealing to the eyes.

Childhood Pains and Dreams

Okay, we doubt anyone has ever been trapped on a giant apartment roof floating on the sea but that doesn’t mean Drifting Home isn’t relatable. Early on we talked about how friendships sometimes fall apart and that happens even more when death is added to the equation. When Kosuke’s grandad passed on, friction developed between him and Natsume. Watching Natsume and Kosuke go from childhood besties to barely talking to one another, will no doubt trigger some viewers as they relive their broken childhood friendship and maybe have lost great friends after a hard death. Drifting Home uses the supernatural theme smartly by not making this a survival anime film or even a horror, but a tale of how friends can rebuild what they have lost and what it means for bonds to strengthen in the most unusual situations.

Sometimes Kids Will be Kids

Drifting Home is about a bunch of 11-year-olds and it can be sometimes annoying to listen to these kids even though they are kids. The way Natsume runs away and hides when asked simple questions or how Kosuke refuses to notice why Natsume is so down/depressed. Honestly, we really loved Reina—who clearly likes Kosuke—and her annoying attitude and constant failed attempts at “love”. Drifting Home’s main cast are children so at times you have to remember their oddities are natural but it can be equally difficult hearing them fight if you don’t remember your own youth and how silly we acted during those days.

Final Thoughts

Drifting Home is 100% fantasy given the crazed plot and setting but don’t let that fantasy definition stop you from seeing the bigger picture here. As these kids deal with growing up, loss, friendship, romance, and youth, Drifting Home does a wonderful job of making those elements all feel like a grand adventure and we loved every second of it. Never once did Drifting Home feel overly predictable, there were times we were caught completely off guard by some of the revelations and it made our 2-hour watch worth every second. That’s why it should be obvious that we loved Drifting Home and think you readers will too!

Have any of you readers already seen Drifting Home and have your own thoughts about it? Comment below to let us know as we love hearing from you! Be sure to keep stuck to our reminiscing hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews, video game reviews, and various lists to make the otaku inside you happy and sated!

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