Elsword Launches Elrianode Dungeon, Elrios World Tour, PvP Burning Event and More

What You Need to Know:

  • KOG Games brings forth news for all who are willing to read it! They've officially launched Elrianode, the long awaited and larger-than-life continuation of the heroic saga in Elsword!
  • Elsword's latest update will bring about the all new Elrian land, starting with the first City and Dungeon, Elrianode. As with other continent updates, this will be the first of a number of updates that expand upon the landscape, lore, and of course, Elsword's dungeon crawling RPG groundwork.
  • For a detailed breakdown of what you'll be receiving in this glorious update, be sure to scroll down below to see it all!

Source: Official Press Release

Key Features

New Dungeon Elrianode

Experience Elrianode and all the wonders (and danger!) it has to offer!

  • For everyone that's level 10 and above, players will get a 7-day title cube! Players will be able to choose either a Denif's Blessing Title or an El Tear Fragment Collector!
  • For the try-hards, beating up the big bad boss a number of times will give players excellent rewards. They can get an Elrianode Equipment Random Cube for beating him 3 times or a Red/Blue/Purple Elrianode Equipment Fragment Cube for beating him 15 times!
  • 2017 Elrios World Tour – The in-game board game

    Play this simple-yet-fun board game and rack in some sweet in-game rewards!

    Players that login for 30 minutes will get 1 Elrios Tour Dice to play their very first roll!

    PVP Burning Event

    Punch, kick, slice, hack, and blow up opponents during this exciting PVP Event. Elsword brings the goodies, all you guys and gals have to do is bring the pain!

  • Players who login for 10 minutes will get a +10 Sparring Weapon Cube that gives your character a great weapon to use during PVP!
  • As well, players that PVP 3x's will receive a PVP Essential Item Cube for 15 Days!
  • Enhancement Event

    It's Enhancement Event time, and the Elsword team is going to give players all the help they'll need to get those equipment gains that they've been waiting so patiently for!

  • Players that login for 60 minutes will get not 1, not 2, not even 10, but 17 Blessed Restoration Scrolls on these dates: 7/26 ~ 7/27 (23:59 PDT) and 8/2 ~ 8/3 (23:59 PDT)
  • As well, players can login for 10 mins to receive a Sunlight Enhancement Equipment Cube which can be used to extract a +8 Amulet from on these dates: 7/26 ~ 8/2 and 8/2 ~ 8/9 (Ends 23:59 PDT).
  • And the best part of the event is, players will only have to use 1 of each Enhancement Aid and associated material (1) Blessed Fluorite Ore/Crystal, (1) Blessed Restoration Scroll, and (1) Blessed Enhancement Stone to enhance!
  • All-New Forums

    The Elsword forums are getting a complete revamp and update. Until now, players needed a separate login from their game account when logging into the forums, but now players can use a single sign-on and the forums will display their IGN as their forum name and their avatar will now be based on their favorite Elsword Character Job Pic. New chat features will allow players to engage other players directly instead of being caught up in endless forum pages and new Elsword exclusive character emojis can be used. The entire forum software is being upgraded with a slew of new features.

    Official Trailer

    Elsword Official - Elrianode and Water Dragon Sanctum Trailer

    honeys anime character
    So much content! Great news for fans of Elsword for sure!

    honeys anime character
    Great to see KOG Games continue to support a great series by adding in more exciting content for fans.

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