The Final Chapter of Elsword's Hall of El Saga Begins

What You Need to Know:

  • Free-to-Play action RPG developer and publisher KOG Games has announced that the third and final installment in the Hall of El Saga has begun.
  • In addition to the new content, exciting events and items go live as well so fans have much to look forward to such as sexy swimwear, coveted item giveaways and more.
  • To know more about the closing chapter to this incredible series, be sure to check out the exciting trailer down below!

Source: Official Press Release

Story Synopsis

Now that Elsword has merged to the El, the godlike essence of the El will stop at nothing to maintain its not whole and unbroken form; even if it means that it must force the El Search Party to turn their backs on the boy who made the ultimate sacrifice to save them all. It's time to make a choice... walk away and live a peaceful, unfettered life. Or, shatter the El, pull Elsword from the El stone, and find exactly what has happened to make the very celestials that guard the El so uneasy.

Elsword, once fused with the El, set off a series of miraculous, yet frightening series of events. Elrianode, a land that existed before the great explosion, home of the original protectors of the El has arisen... As the El pits the El Search Party's own selfish whims and dreams against them, they charge into battle to set Elsword free. Little do they know, the choice has been made that will shake the land of Elrios to its very core.

An all-new Elsword saga begins. Stay tuned.

Official Trailer

Elsword Official - Hall of El

honey's anime character
The trilogy to an incredible series! I can't wait to dive in and get started!

honey's anime character
Hopefully KOG Games can create a new chapter but maybe with new characters in the same universe! That would be cool!

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