Enjoy Your Christmas With the Love Hina Crew!

Seasons-Greetings Enjoy Your Christmas With the Love Hina Crew!

Christmas is upon us, some of us will have a day full of love and happiness, some will spend the day at work and some others will be alone. Just remember this holiday season, you’re not truly alone! There’s always someone, somewhere that will be thinking of you and wishing you nothing but the best. That’s why I’d like to talk about the Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve. If you’re new to the Love Hina franchise there’s just a few things you need to know to be caught up on the story:

Seasons-Greetings Enjoy Your Christmas With the Love Hina Crew!

Love Hina Summary

Seasons-Greetings Enjoy Your Christmas With the Love Hina Crew!
Keitaro Urashima

Keitaro Urashima has failed his Tokyo U entrance exams three times in the past already and is undeniably in love with Naru Narusegawa. He goes to live and work in the hotel his grandmother owns while studying for the next years exams but discover it’s been changed to an all-girl dormitory!

While there he acts as the primary caretaker of the building and inevitably gets into some crazy scenarios with the other women that live there, Naru included.

Did I mention he’s clumsy? He’s very clumsy, often getting into trouble because of it! He’s also a bit of a worrier, taking every little thing as some bigger sign than it really is and placing himself in awkward situations because of it.

Seasons-Greetings Enjoy Your Christmas With the Love Hina Crew!
Naru Narusegawa

Naru Narusegawa was once in love with Noriyasu Seta, a Tokyo U graduate specializing in archaeology. I say once was, because she no longer is, coming to terms with her feelings for Keitaro changes this and allows her the strength to move on.

She’s often caught out while naked because of Keitaro’s clumsiness, all accidents I assure you but she can’t have any of that! Even though she is in love with Keitaro she’s a very tsundere person, often leading to Keitaro believing he’s got no chance with her and complicating matters worse.

The rest of the girls at the Hinata Inn are all rooting for Keitaro and Naru to get together, even though they’ve all got feelings for him.

This also ends up being problematic for the K&N budding romance (as you can imagine!), but eventually things begin to come around. Unlike Naru, most of them aren’t tsundere (or shy for that matter!) and understand that Keitaro is just plain clumsy.

Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

That about catches you up to where the Christmas special begins! So, Keitaro and Naru are finishing up studying for another round of preliminary tests for Tokyo U and Christmas is the day right after! This, as you can imagine, is a very stressful time for them, since it’s been rumored that if you confess your love on Christmas Eve it will come true!

Keitaro is worried, because Naru has been distant with him, but Shinobu (another girl that lives in the Hinata Inn) tells him she saw a love letter Naru had written and they expect it’s for him!

He gets so excited he starts literally jumping with joy, until he twists his ankle and can no longer walk on it! I told you he was clumsy! Naru goes to ask if he was alright after he’d been bandaged up and to figure out what he was thinking, when Keitaro (very, very clumsily) confesses to her.

As you can imagine, right before a big test and especially done in a clumsy SHOUTING way, she rushes out.

Seasons-Greetings Enjoy Your Christmas With the Love Hina Crew!

They head off to Tokyo to take their tests (with some more awkward moments from Keitaro), and Naru rushes out right after that as well.

Keitaro follows her (as well as the other girls from the Inn) and she leads them all to a giant hotel where she meets Seta and gives him a gift. Keitaro sees the gift he had originally thought was for him, as well as the letter, and rushes out.

After many a misunderstanding Keitaro learns that the gift and the letter was Naru’s way of letting Seta know that she had moved on, and didn’t truly love him.

The chase to find Naru begins, and everyone helps! Eventually they wind up in Shibuya, where a reporter has Naru put up on the big screen, and Keitaro sees her.

She confesses to him on live television, and states she wants to go to Tokyo U with him and that she wants to be with him forever. Just as she does, all the girls find her and jump in the picture with her! Kawaii!

Love Hina - Complete Series Trailer

I wanted to tell you about the Love Hina Christmas Special because around this time of year it’s easy to forget we all have friends and loved ones that will be there for us, especially when we feel like we’re all alone. So remember, there’s always someone out there, always. You are on someone’s mind, and they should be on yours too! Merry Christmas and have some Happy Holidays everyone!

by Nathaniel Loomis