Equipment/Items We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]

PUBG-equipment-560x315 Equipment/Items We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]


PUBG is an ever evolving game and so, wherever there’s room to be creative this game has all of the freedom. Last time we took at look at some dream vehicles that we’d love to see added to the already solid PUBG lineup, and now we’re going to make another Christmas wish list for equipment that should be thrown into the mix. The current selection of equipment in PUBG to be honest is quite abundant but there still seems to be some items that are missing in action, so throwing them into the survival based tactical world of PUBG would just even more depth to the meta. We’ll try to stay within the realm of realism here and not ask for outrageous things like blue shells or things of that sort, but rather real life items that you’d most likely want to have in your backpack should you find yourself in a pinch. With all that said let’s jump right in!

C4 Explosives

We were quite surprised that this wasn’t a part of the current selection in PUBG because honestly, the C4 explosive would be a primary tool that squads could use to empty out a house full of campers. Tired of having to wait for the enemy to run outside after popping a few shots into the window? Worry not because all you’ll need to do is throw a few C4 explosives into the house and boom, problem solved. No enemy would ever dare to try and stay prone inside a house because now even the most primary place for players to hide is safe no more.

This would surely encourage players to come up with new strategies to hide and not just wait around for the blue zone to appear. You’ll now have to encouraged to run out in the open and use new tactical methods to avoid being a target or die in a house. The PUBG team tried to eliminate that camping problem by increasing the damage outside of blue zones during mid-late game, so throw C4 explosives in there to blow up the problem. Attach these bad boys to a vehicle or a boat and watch the body counts rise as unsuspecting enemies will run towards the bait, and all you need to do is watch the fireworks from a distance.

Infrared Sights

Infrared Sights would be a great addition and work hand in hand with the aforementioned C4 explosives, since this would force players to move around and not twiddle their thumbs inside an empty house. PUBG is a game that’s all about tactical maneuvering and always thinking two steps ahead of the enemy, so having Infrared Sights thrown into the mix would allow players to pinpoint enemies quicker and create some awesome set plays.

Imagine you’re playing a duo set and you’re down to the final 5 teams, the tension is incredibly high and you know that one wrong move could cost your team the round. This crate only item would give you the upper hand in those high-strung scenarios since you’ll be able to scout enemies out without having to approach, and bait them out to see their movement patterns. Put this on your sniper rifle and just sit perched on the hill like a hawk, waiting for your prey to carelessly run out into the open and boom, headshot.


While the level three backpack can carry a nice assortment of items, attachments, consumables and more, the Dufflebag is the quintessential bag for these types of scenarios due to their size. You’d have the same levels as the current equipment, ranging from level 1 to level 3, with level 3 allowing you to even carry an extra weapon inside. Imagine having two weapons ready at your disposal but then one of them is out of ammo, all you’ll need to do is grab your third weapon to replace it right on the spot. This wouldn’t be an overpowered item also since it acts much like a regular backpack, only now you just have an extra slot to carry a big weapon like a sniper on your back for those intense moments. Plus the Dufflebag just looks so much cooler as you run with it on your back!


The Tripwire is more of a defensive item that could be used to bait enemies into running towards you, leading them to a quick death if they aren’t paying attention. This would also be a great counter play for those who actually do like waiting in houses during the late game, since any unsuspecting enemy who thinks it’s safe to enter will have a nice surprise waiting for them at the doorstep. Of course if the enemy is clever they’ll be able to disarm the Tripwire by shooting it prior to entering or simply throwing a grenade nearby, but doing so would just prompt you to act since you now know someone’s nearby.

This is why the Tripwire would be an awesome addition to PUBG because it works both ways in the sense that, players on the offense could simply blow one up as a bait to chase an enemy out of the house, or the defender could use the Tripwire as a bait to have easier sights on the enemy approaching. That would really add a lot more value to the late game meta, and spectators would really enjoy seeing what top players can do with this incredible tool.

Honey's Final Verdict:

There’s just so much to explore and add to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that it almost feels endless. We could come up with a long list of other notable items that would be worthy enough for players to use, but we’ll save them for another article! In the meantime, let us know what equipment/items you’d like to see added to PUBG in the comments below! Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and Twitch to stay up to date on all the latest PUBG news!

PUBG-equipment-560x315 Equipment/Items We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]
I'm liking the idea of the Duffle Bag since it could definitely allow players to carry one extra weapon in case of emergency.
PUBG-equipment-560x315 Equipment/Items We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]
C4 all the way baby!