EVO 2018 - Day 1 Quick Recap!

evo-2018-logo EVO 2018 - Day 1 Quick Recap!

What You Need to Know:

  • EVO 2018 kicked off earlier today with pools and we must say, there were a lot of very close sets and surprising upsets along the way! In Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, everyone's favorite Void almost found himself in losers early on in pools when he fought against Jesus' Mario. It was a very entertaining set with Void just barely taking the last stock and wiping the sweat off his brow to avoid the sharks pool that's the loser's bracket.
  • Another surprising upset came from Uncle Valle when he went up against perhaps a favorite to win EVO 2018 NuckleDu, and put the strong Guile player into losers with a solid Blanka peformance. Blanka isn't used too often at high levels, especially on the EVO stage, but Valle proved to fans that Blanka is truly a force to be reckoned with if you use his tools effectively. In addition to NuckleDu, another crowd favorite to perhaps take EVO 2018 for SFV, Echo Fox's Punk, was sent to the losers side by an Alex player by the name of Protocol. While he's not out of the tournament yet, being put into losers so early in the pools could spell some trouble for the Karin player but we should never count him out!
  • In the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exhibition we saw PG's own Infiltration team up with ESAM to fight against Tempo Storm's Alex Myers and Axe, Team EVO's EE and Rip, alongside NRG's Nairo and HookGangGod. It was an intense set that saw all of these fighters duke it out but to also show off more of Smash Ultimate, and what we all can look forward to come December 7th! We simply cannot wait!
  • There were some pretty funny moments as well and we'll leave those tweets down below for you to check out as well! By the way, that Soul Calibur VI grand finals was UNREAL!

EVO 2018 Highlights

evo-2018-logo EVO 2018 - Day 1 Quick Recap!
Sooo many hype moments for Day 1!! Just Day 1 alone! I'm even more hype to see Day 2 now!
evo-2018-logo EVO 2018 - Day 1 Quick Recap!
Yeah same here! It was incredibly exciting and look forward to seeing more!