EVO 2018 - Day 2 Early Recap!

evo-2018-logo EVO 2018 - Day 2 Early Recap!

What You Need to Know:

  • Day 2 of EVO 2018 has officially kicked off and of course, this tournament doesn't come without its upsets. EVO 2018 is a stacked event full of the world's best and with so much on the line, these players are no slouch to display their high level skills. In SFV we saw that Echo Fox Punk lost in pools and ended up leaving EVO in 49th place, a shocking result for him as just ast year, he saw a 2nd place finish at EVO 2017. Hopefully Punk will be able to bring everything back for EVO Japan 2018! Echo Fox's Momochi also fell hard this EVO, as he just couldn't find his footing and dropped out at 49th along with Punk. Sako, Oilking, Infiltration and even Poongko all fell prey to the sharks pool, leaving the tournament very early.
  • This leaves a lot of opportunities open now for other players to demonstrate their prowess but still is quite a surprise, as these players are notable for their top placements in majors.
  • In Smash Bros. for Wii U we saw more upsets as well, with CLG's Void falling out of the tournament at 17th, with PG's ESAM falling out at 13th. These two players were definitely favorites to perhaps place top 10 in the event but EVO 2018 is no laughing matter, as everyone's hungry for that PGR ranking spot and of course the EVO grand prize. NRG's Nairo was perhaps the most shocking as he was highly favored to take the entire tournament, but ended up being eliminated at 33rd, along with Larry Lurr. Just who will take the top spot in these tournaments? Only one way to find out and that's to stay tuned! We'll keep you updated with results as they unfold!

evo-2018-logo EVO 2018 - Day 2 Early Recap!
Even Sonicfox lost in Injustice! Such a wild EVO 2018!
evo-2018-logo EVO 2018 - Day 2 Early Recap!
Definitely lots of upsets but hey, that's how the cookie crumbles in these major events. Need the mentality to stay strong!