Fan Screams During Live Performance & Japanese Twitter Roasts Him For Sounding Like Giratina

What You Need to Know:

  • Watch the video above. Does he guy screaming sound like anything? Well he kinda sounds like the pokemon Giratina. At least, that is what Japanese twitter thinks.
  • Animelo 2017 Summer Live was this past weekend. It featured three days of music, anime, and more imortantly, the revival of the SOS Dan and Hare Hare Yukai was performed. Oh and anisongs were the center acts. Anyway, there, a news crew was reporting on the event where a reported 83,000 people attended. In the video, a fan was ferverently screaming along to the songs when it was revealed that his screams sounded a lot like Giratina.
  • Shooting to a trending topic on Japanese twitter, they then went in on him and began to mildy roast him. Check out the tweets below. He seems to be taking it in good step though altering himself as seen below.

  • The bottom tweet is the guy from the video identifying himself.
  • The tweets say "Giratina" "Giratina LMAO" "That otaku really sounds like Giratina lolol" "Giratina? lol" "Giratina lolololololol"
  • The following tweet talks about Giratina and says "Altered Forme, Origin Forme, & Anime Summer Forme" with his photo underneath it.

  • He then says that from the next day, he is going to work as Giratina... And then he changes over his account to look like Giratina!

  • honeys anime character
    Bahahahahahahaha This is so funny!

    honeys anime character
    Yes! This is great!

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