Top 10 Ghost Type Pokemon

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Welcome back to another top ten featuring our favorite Pokemon. This time we'll be using our flashlights to wander around the dark to find our favorite ghost-type Pokemon. Ghost-type Pokemon are generally quite popular in the tournament scene and generally are found in a lot of teams in casual play as well. Their main goal is to confuse and spook out their enemies using special attacks such as Confuse Ray or Shadow Punch, while inflicting incremental damage with ailments such as Paralyze. Ghost Pokemon come in many varieties ranging from the very pure ghost-type to variations ranging from ghost-grass, to the more powerful ghost-psychic. Ghost-type Pokemon are weak against dark-types while they reign supreme against ghost and psychic-types. So let us pack our things, grab our Pokeballs and get ready for a big adventure!

10. Chandelure

  • Generation: [Generation V]
  • Pokedex #: 609

Coming in at number ten on our ghost-type list is Chandelure. It comprises of both ghost and fire which gives it some great options in battle. With 145 Special Attack power it is not a Pokemon you want to take lightly. Chandelure can break down walls very easily while having immunity to fighting, fire, and normal type Pokemon. It comes with two types of sets, one of which is the Choice Scarf set, while the other is the Choice Specs set. The two do come with their own strengths and weaknesses, so we leave that up to you with regards to how you use them. If you're looking to wallbreak consistently then it is best to stick with the Choice Scarf set since it allows you to plan an effective revenge kill when the opportunity arises.

We strongly advise that using the Choice Scarf set will garner you better results since it is a revenge killer, and to use Chandelure as a late-game cleaner since it can deal a lot of damage to close out the match. If you're looking for some teammates to help you out, Honey's Anime suggest checking out Mega Abomasnow since it can setup great sweeps and create offensive pressure.

9. Rotom

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 479

Rodom at one point was predominantly seen in tournaments around the world but as of late has taken a breather. That isn't to say however that Rotom is bad by any means, since it packs a lot of punch with a lot of resistance to many types of Pokemon. Rotom plays more of a pivot role which generally means that Rotom is meant to switch in and out during battle. It can take little damage as it switches in while on the more offensive end, it forces a switch by threatening a KO on your opponent, thus maintaining momentum throughout the course of the match. Whichever method of approach you use is entirely up to you and whoever you're facing on the battlefield. Rotom has also made many appearances throughout the long Pokemon series life cycle such as episode 128's “To catch a Rodom!” from the Best Wishes series. It also made a more recent appearance in episode 81 named “Rotom's Wish” which was from the XY series.

To really get the best use out of Rotom, we recommend taking advantage of its great resistance and immunity properties since it can hold its own when swapped in and out of certain situations. Honey's Anime strongly recommends Klinklang as Rotom's partner as it provides the overall best support for Rotom in every category, and has amazing sweep capabilities to keep momentum on your side at all times.

8. Hoopa

  • Generation: [Generation VII]
  • Pokedex #: 720

Hoopa is one of the new additions to the Pokemon world as it was announced in the middle of last year in CoroCoro magazine. Hoopa is known to have an alternate form which is named Hoopa Unbound, while its original form is known as Hoopa Confined. The only way for a player to evolve into Hoopa Unbound is obtain the Prison Bottle, but after three days the status will wear off and will revert back into original form. Hoopa made its anime appearance in its very own short series called Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures, which followed Ash and Pikachu on their troublesome journey to stop Hoopa's mischief. Hoopa is a combination of psychic and ghost which give it substantial advantages in various battle scenarios. Hoopa is very potent as a wallbreaker with solid psychic and ghost type movesets to mix up the opponent. It has one of the highest Special Attack stats making it a fearsome Pokemon using powerful moves such as Focus Blast, and Shadow Ball.

Despite those major strengths, Hoopa lacks severely in speed and defense making it an easy target for the very aggressive style teams who only see massive damage as the option. Therefore we recommend looking for Pokemon who can help to establish early game pressure such as Hitmonlee and Jolteon with the latter being able to use attacks such as Volt-Switch to allow Hoopa to switch in freely without risking any critical damage.

7. Mismagius

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 429

Unlike most of the ghost-type Pokemon on our list who come with other types attached, Mismagius is the pure ghost-type focusing mainly on draining your opponent's attacking power with strong ailments. Mismagius can outpace most of its opponents because of its very quick speed, while the special attack stat is enough to hold down the fort in battle. It has very solid support style movesets that include Taunt, and Destiny Bond while on the defensive end it becomes very useful with Levitate. Since Mismagius is purely ghost when compared to everyone else, it tends to run into problems against dark-types so being very mindful of when to use Mismagius is very crucial.

Mismagius resembles that of a witch and has made numerous appearances in the Pokemon anime series. It made its very first debut in episode 43 of the Diamond and Pearl series while it was seen again in episode 135 of the Best Wishes series. Honey's Anime suggests that to really see any potential come from Mismagius, you would benefit from using it early game to spread ailments such as burns with Will-O-Wisp, or mid game to hit status inflicted foes with Hex. Thinking two steps ahead is key to using Mismagius to its potential, so be sure to mix things up when you have the chance.

6. Froslass

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 478

While Froslass doesn't reign supreme in the power category, it has incredible speed which allow it to take charge early on in battle. It also comes with ice-type abilities so making sure to use that to your advantage is encouraged. Having the opportunity to take first charge in any battle is paramount, so throwing Froslass onto the field can result in quick incremental damage. Froslass is used mainly to set up hazards for your opponent which can help to slow down the momentum for your opponent, but maintain a steady lead on your end. It should be stressed that because Froslass lacks in other areas pertaining to power and defense, you'll need to be very attune to how to fully optimize its special abilities such as Cursed Body which allow it to add on extra layers of hazards over time. Once you start becoming too reliant on Froslass it becomes susceptible to early game knockouts, which will not only slow down your flow but put you in an awkward position to make up ground long term.

Froslass made its anime appearance in episode 116 of the Diamond and Pearl series which aired back in 2009, and since then has been a well known Pokemon in the global tournament scene. If Froslass is your character of choice then we suggest picking Pokemon that will help to ease the pain on defense, while allowing Froslass to get in those potent hazards when necessary. Thundurus is a very good assistant since it can put a stop to special sweepers and provide that offensive momentum to keep opponents at bay.

5. Spiritomb

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 442

Not to be confused with the super powerful attack that Goku utilizes in Dragonball, Spiritbomb is a versatile Pokemon that possesses three immunities and a lone weakness only to fairy-types. It comes with a pretty decent bulk which allow it to remain a consistent answer to the Pokemon it decides to check on the battlefield. Spiritbomb comes with a great assortment of moves to use such as Pursuit, which allows it to trap the Pokemon that it decides to force out of battle. Similarly, Spiritbomb has access to Calm Mind much like Dusclops which gives it extra bulk in order to setup special sweeps for defensive based teams, adding more value under its belt. Despite these wonderful strengths Spiritbomb suffers in the offensive field due to its slow speed stats, leaving it open to being exploited by aggressive Pokemon.

Spiritbomb can truly maximize its potential when you opt to use it more as a hit and run attacker, switching in to take big chunks off health and backing off when the job is done. Due to Spiritbomb's vulnerability to fairy-types we recommend picking a teammate that falls within the poison-type category. Drapion pairs well with Spiritbomb in this scenario, and Spiritbomb can cripple physical attackers which can help to make Drapion's job a lot easier. There are so many different combinations to choose from when creating a team, so be sure to do your research to help make Spiritbomb a threat on the field.

4. Aegislash

  • Generation: [Generation VI]
  • Pokedex #: 681

Aegislash made its official anime debut in episode 126 in the Pokemon XY series, which gave us a glimpse at the immense stopping power that Aegislash has. The Pokemon National Tournament just finished this past weekend, and Aegislash made its appearance on a number of teams in the top 16. Aegislash has two stances, the original base stance and the more defensive Aegislash-Blade that allow it to stall a match using protect to maintain safety. Aegislash is the supreme check counter against Xerneas and a solid user of the attack Pursuit that is excellent at trapping Pokemon. Aegislash has unique abilities that allow for serious status changes such as his King's Shield, which drops an opposing Pokemon's attack by two stages if their move makes contact. Aegislash plays a major role on teams that really want to maintain a concrete defense since King's Slash can drop attack power but more importantly, help to sustain its defensive stats throughout the course of the match.

Honey's Anime recommends that in order to fully maximize the potential of Aegislash, is to really focus on not using it aggressively and to use your sound judgment when relying on its blade form since it can die quickly with slightly lower defense stats. If you're looking for some teammates to help support Aegislash be sure to test out Clefable and Lugia as these two can check their enemies while avoiding any major hazards.

3. Dusclops

  • Generation: [Generation III]
  • Pokedex #: 356

Coming in at number three on our top ghost-type list is Dusclops. Dusclops is a very bulky Pokemon that generally relies on its very high health to draw the match out, allowing your opponent to exert themselves to the point of limiting their options for a comeback. One of the major strategies that most Dusclops users focus on is the Calm Mind ability, which provides a special attack and special defense boost providing the advantage to special sweep. A special sweeper Pokemon specializes in using offensive moves to deal massive damage and bring down the opponent's team. Calm Mind is a great example of a special sweep type move, and due to the solid defense that Dusclops has it can be an issue to deal with if you don't have the right answers.

When choosing a team that compliments Dusclops we suggest looking out for fighting-type Pokemon such as Poliwrath and Machoke, since they're able to take on various dark and ghost-types and absorb a lot of hits. Machoke is a great partner for Dusclops because it tends to threaten a lot more ghost-types which help to balance out the defensive capabilities that Dusclops provide.

2. Giratina

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 487

Giratina is a very popular Pokemon in both the trading card and video game tournament scene. We decided to choose it as number three because Giratina can optimize a lot its special attacks and use it to create favorable situations for you. In its evolved state, Giratina-Origin can really cause problems for a lot of opponents because of its very solid stats and a great bulk. Giratina-Origin can compete with the more formidable foes such as Mewtwo, and Mega Blaziken since it has resistance to six types and is immune to three. Giratina Origin can play a lot of roles throughout the match using its very strong Levitate to avoid any status ailments from the opponent. If you're looking for a team to help sustain a certain amount of control throughout the match, look for Primal Groudon and Aegislash since these two provide special defense boosts for Giratina while being able to create a wall that your opponent will find hard to break.

Giratina-Origin has exceptional stats such as 150 health and 120 special attack power which is very good for a ghost-dragon type, and due to this mix it allows for a more versatile approach to offensive and defensive scenarios. In anime, Giratina-Origin makes its debut in “Giratina and the Sky Warrior” which was a movie that released in 2008.

1. Mega Gengar

  • Generation: [Generation I]
  • Pokedex #: 94

Mega Gengar is an incredibly strong Pokemon when played on the right team since he has every option to put pressure on his opponents. In various situations it can be a defensive wall, or break through the walls that its opponent puts up due to its excellent special attack and speed stats. One of the slight drawbacks however, is that due to its bulk it tends to have some issues during offensive scenarios where closing the match is imperative. Mega Gengar is sometimes forced to sacrifice itself with Destiny Bond if there's a serious healthy threat on the field, and against other mega based Pokemon it faces some stiff competition. In spite of the drawbacks it has extremely strong trapping strategies which can be used in various ways. One great example is the Hex Trapper strategy where Mega Gengar takes advantage of his special attack power and it reaches 130 base power, leaving the enemy with a very critical status condition. We suggest playing this trap strategy with caution because in this set of moves, Destiny Bond is not available.

Mega Gengar really shines when it's able to create various status conditions on the opponent, so other Pokemon who share that strength as well will be a great compliment. Primal Groudon makes an excellent partner for Mega Gengar since it can help to boost the power of Hex, and also Giratina Origin is a very cool partner since it can spread its own status ailments which will help to return the pace in your favor. These are just a plethora of methods you can use with Mega Gengar, but you can definitely see why it deserves the number one spot. It can play various roles on a team, and when the ball gets rolling it can spell trouble for any foe that comes your way!

Closing Statement

Choosing the right strategy in battle is what leads you to victory in Pokemon, and placing a ghost-type on your team will serve a great purpose. Ghost-type Pokemon really shine when it comes to status ailments and confusing opponents, so having them ready on the bench is necessary. There are plenty of variations to choose from, and so we always encourage you to use your creativity to maintain a solid lead on your foes. If you have any other ghost-type Pokemon that you thought could've made the list, be sure to leave them down in the comments section down below! We'll be sure to read all of your feedback and perhaps on our next top ten you may see your favorite Pokemon up in the top five! Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

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