[Fantasy Spring 2016] Like Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)? Watch This!

Ah, the spring anime season came to a fairly great end. It’s been an interesting anime season, however for many, you are just getting started! If you’re just tuning in now and don’t know what to watch, don’t worry, we have you covered. We have found a few anime from this season that might be for you.

If you like Blue Exorcist, otherwise known as Ao no Exorcist, we found some great fantasy series that just might interest you. Let’s check them out!

About Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 2011 - October 2011

Life changes for Okumura Rin when he finds out he is the son of Satan, who sent him to Earth so that Rin could be a vessel that Satan could use to teleport to Earth at a later date. To fight his destiny, Rin decides to train as an exorcist so that he can exterminate his father, Satan.

Liked Blue Exorcist? Watch Sousei no Onmyouji!

  • Episodes: ?
  • Aired: April 2016 - ongoing

Impurities, called Kegare, exist in the realm called Magano causing trouble for people in the real world. To protect the people, exorcists must purify the Kegare. Enmado Rokuro wants nothing to do with exorcism and Adashino Benio thinks Rokuro is a loser, but the two of them are given the title of “Twin Star Exorcists,” which is only given to married exorcists. They are told they must give birth to the strongest exorcist, but they hate each other!

3 major similarities between Blue Exorcist and Sousei no Onmyouji

1. Exorcist Power!

Perhaps one of the most obvious similarities between Blue Exorcist and Sousei no Onmyouji is the importance of exorcism in both anime. Actually, both main characters are exorcists! They both have to perform this job as exorcists to ensure the safety of others. For Rin, he must save humans from the hands of his terrible father, Satan. For Rokuro, he must use his skill as an exorcist to save his loved ones because he has more power than them. Rin and Rokuro may not have exactly desired these roles, but there is no one else who can do what they can.

2. Life is Rough

Rin and Rokuro are no strangers to tragedy. For Rin, his adoptive father was killed before his eyes, and Rin has been viewed as a troublemaker and the bringer of trouble amongst the others. They are constantly blaming him for every bad thing, which has led Rin to be more withdrawn, unable to befriend the others. Rokuro also suffers from his own tragic past after his failure to act resulted in the deaths of many young exorcists, many of whom were his friends. This has led Rokuro to run from his destiny as an exorcist. While these two have suffered through many hardships in their lives, they followed slightly different paths. Everyone deals with hardships a little differently, don’t they?

3. Belittled by All

It seems a common shounen trope is that the main character just doesn’t seem to meet everyone’s expectations at first. Rin was always deemed a troublemaker and when he decided to become an exorcist, Rin was constantly being looked down upon as being unknowledgeable and reckless. Likewise, many people are quick to look down on Rokuro. Even Benio looks down on Rokuro at first, believing him to be unskilled, lazy, and a pervert. However, both Rin and Rokuro are no fools and they surpass everyone’s expectations because they are not to be underestimated!

Liked Blue Exorcist? Watch Ushio to Tora!

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: July 2015 - December 2015

Aotsuki Ushio could care less about youkai despite his father’s, a temple priest’s, claims. One day, while doing chores in place of his father, Ushio discovers the legendary Beast Spear with a youkai impaled on it. Despite the youkai’s, Tora’s, attempts to persuade Ushio, Ushio refuses to free the sinister youkai. However, when youkai suddenly attack his friends and home, Ushio decides his only hope is in Tora.

OK, technically Ushio to Tora is in its second season, but if you haven’t started now, now’s as good a time as any. If you’re a fan of Ao no Exorcist, you might just enjoy this anime.

3 major similarities between Blue Exorcist and Ushio to Tora

1. Super-Powered by Accident

Rin was just a somewhat regular boy who wanted nothing but to live a normal life, work, and do what he needs to to be a functioning member of society. However, things just don’t seem to go the way he wants them when Rin realizes that he has the power of a demon. Likewise, Ushio had no care for youkai, but when youkai attack, Ushio must recruit the help of the youkai Tora in order to save those important to him. He wasn’t looking for powers, but now he’s got them and he’s going to use them to destroy youkai to save others!

2. Youkai

Rin’s entire goal was to train to fight demons and exorcise them. In the same way, Ushio teams up with Tora in order to fight off all the youkai that he never believed in before. Most of Ushio to Tora is dedicated to killing off youkai and unraveling the mysterious behind the youkai that Ushio never knew before. Sound a bit familiar? Rin definitely has to unravel a few mysterious himself as life just isn’t as straightforward as we’d all like it. And perhaps, the youkai are the key to this mystery.

3. Endgame

Rin and Ushio share the same overall goal. In Blue Exorcist, Rin trains and fights in order to fulfill his goal of killing Satan. For Ushio, we watch him as he fights off numerous Youkai to find the ruler of the Demon Kingdom. Of course, Rin has the helps of his school friends and his twin brother. Ushio, on the other hand, has the help of Tora, one of the most powerful youkai. Now, how’s that set up for a fantasy?

Final Thoughts

This anime season has given us plenty to love and enjoy. If you’re a fan of fantasy but don’t know where to start, hopefully, we have provided you a few great options. How many Blue Exorcist fans are out there? Isn’t it time that you start a new fantasy anime? Will you be checking out these wonderful spring fantasy anime?

Ao-no-Exorcist-dvd [Fantasy Spring 2016] Like Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)? Watch This!


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