Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS Launches Today!

What You Need to Know:

  • Fans of the Fire Emblem franchise will be thrilled to know that Fire Emblem Warriors is officially out NOW for both the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. The new game offers a twist on the acclaimed Fire Emblem series by uniting fan-favorite characters from Fire Emblem history to participate in over-the-top battles focused on real-time, tactical action rather than turn-based strategy.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors offers action-filled combat through an epic campaign starring more than 20 playable warriors, including two new characters, Lianna and Rowan, battling alongside beloved heroes like Marth, Lyn, Xander, Corrin and Chrom. Fans who want to get even more out of the game can download the free DLC Japanese voice pack and free software update on launch day, as well as purchase upcoming DLC.
  • At midnight ET on Oct. 20, both the free DLC Japanese voice pack and a free software update will go live. The DLC voice pack adds the ability to experience the game with Japanese voice audio and English subtitles. The free software update adds battle results to the game’s History mode and a new feature for sorting in-game weapons.

Source: Official Press Release


honeys anime character
The wait is finally over!

honeys anime character
It's time to show these enemies who the real boss is! Marth I'm ready!

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