Winter Anime "Hulaing Babies" from Fukushima Gaina Gets Three Episode Impression!

Hulaing Babies

Slice of Life

Airing Date:
January 11 2019

Fukushima Gaina

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‘This is the best! I can’t get enough!’

‘This should be enough for today. You’ve mastered what you were struggling with. Whew, still though, foot baths rock.’

Suzu and Fumi are classmates in their first year middle school in the hot springs town of Iwaki. They founded a hula dance club on a whim, but soon lost the drive to keep practicing, and now spend their days lazily doing nothing. Then one day, Mona, a transfer student, joins the hula club. Starting with her, the girls start to gather friends to form a team to enter into a hula dancing competition.

Three Episode Impression

Hulaing Babies follows a group of high school girls who are aiming for one specific thing. The chance at being Hula girls! Follow Miku, Moe, Shiina, Nagisa, Fumi, Suzu and Mona as they begin to enter the competitive world of hula dancing. Can they make their dreams come true or will they find this to be just a passing fad?! Find out in the absolutely ridiculous short anime series Hulaing Babies!

Hula girls—a traditional Hawaiian concept—isn’t ever seen in anime to our knowledge. There have been references obviously to Hawaiian concepts but never an anime dedicated to featuring Hula girls. That all changes in the 4-minute episode series Hulaing Babies. With a goofy art style and a ridiculous premise, Hulaing Babies isn’t an anime to be taken seriously. Comedic and random, Hulaing Babies hasn’t been too bad and we do want to see if our Hula hopefuls can make it to the big leagues as Hulaing Babies gets further in the series.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Haruka Yoshimura

Suzu is the main character of this story. She is a gentle girl who is always being dragged around by Mona and was the individual to found Hulaing Babies in an attempt to invigorate the townspeople. The word ‘hard-worker’ describes her perfectly.


Voice Actor: Rikako Yamaguchi

She looks mature and cool, but Shiina is the one who is the most fired up about hulaing babies. She looks after everyone. The word ‘open-minded’ best suits her.


Voice Actor: Suzuko Mimori

Mona is a girl whose father was transferred to Iwaki City. They are originally from northern Europe. The word ‘unprecedented’ was created just for her.


Voice Actor: Mikoi Sasaki

Fumi is bright and helps others with their troubles. She’s not the greatest dancer, but after Mona invites her, she agrees to participate. She’s cooperative.


Voice Actor: Sarah Emi Bridcutt

With a forthright personality and a frank manner, Nagisa is often mistaken for a boy. She’s positive though and doesn’t sweat the details. She’s optimistic.


Voice Actor: Moe Toyota

Moe performs as part of the musical unit ukulele babies and gets along well with Miku.


Voice Actor: Miku Itou

Miku performs as part of the musical unit ukulele babies and gets along well with Moe.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: TBA by AoP

Main Staff
  • Director: Yoshinobu Asao
  • Script: Ikoma
  • Character Design: Ryouzou Oominato
  • Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
  • Music: F.M.F

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