Slice of Life & Sports Anime - Winter 2019 (January 2019 Start!)

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1. Ameiro Cocoa Side G (5th Season)

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: January 9, 2019

This is the fifth season of Ameiro Cocoa.

Set on the stage of Rainy Color, the café, this story will be about the owner, Koji Amami’s daughter Yoko, running the shop

Ameiro Cocoa Side G (5th Season) Official PV

2. Colorful Pastrale from BermudaΔ (Triangle)

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Fantasy
  • Air Date: January 12 2019

The spotlight shines with light. Cute, shining, and soft costumes. Charming voices accompanied with shining smiles and dance.
The dazzling light casts light on beings that can swim and dance freely in water: Mermaids.

There, in a sea overflowing with light, these mermaid idols perform.

Their story starts not in the capital, but far away in a quiet sea in the remote countryside.

Colorful Pastrale from BermudaΔ (Triangle) Official PV

3. Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: January 9 2019

Subaru Mikazuki hates being around others and is a shy author who rescued a cat named Haru from a terrible life as a stray cat. The two unexpectedly start to live together as human and animal. The story is told from the perspectives of both Subaru, the human, and Haru, the cat and weaves together each of their thoughts and feelings. Gradually the two spend more and more time together and they become ‘family’; searching for their own happiness together.

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue Official PV

4. Hinomaru Zumou

  • Genres: Sports, Shounen
  • Air Date: October 5 2018


The fierce battle of these men chasing after Yokozuna begins.

Hinomaru Zumou Official PV

5. Hulaing Babies

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: January 11 2019

‘This is the best! I can’t get enough!’
‘This should be enough for today. You’ve mastered what you were struggling with. Whew, still though, foot baths rock.’

Suzu and Fumi are classmates in their first year middle school in the hot springs town of Iwaki. They founded a hula dance club on a whim, but soon lost the drive to keep practicing, and now spend their days lazily doing nothing. Then one day, Mona, a transfer student, joins the hula club. Starting with her, the girls start to gather friends to form a team to enter into a hula dancing competition.

Flying Babies Official PV

6. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

  • Genres: Sports, Slice of Life
  • Air Date: October 3 2018

Nighttime. Kakeru Kurahara runs throughout the city as if he is fleeing something. A bicycle unexpectedly pulls up next to him. A man Kakeru has never seen before pulls up next to him and says
‘Hey! You like to run, don’t you!’

That man’s name is Haiji Kiyose. Following the instructions of Haiji, Kakeru arrives at the old apartment building, Takeao Manor. There, nine different residents overflowing with individuality live. Finally, an available apartment is recommended to him, and Kakeru, being completely lost at sea, is cornered into taking the room. Who would have dreamed that he would become the 10th man in this building?

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Official PV

7. Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File

  • Genres: Game, Mystery, Adventure
  • Air Date: April 8 2018

The Layton Detective Agency motto is “No matter what the mystery is, we solve all.”
The daughter of Professor Layton, Katrielle Layton, along with her talking dog Sheri, and her assistant Ernest Greeves, run the Layton Detective Agency. Daily, they solve strange happenings that occur in London.

Originally, she began working at the Agency as a means to help her find her father, Hershel Layton, who up and disappeared one day. Due to her incredible way of thinking, her skill for solving mysteries has gradually become a hot topic, and eventually, more and more requests come fluttering in.

Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File Official PV

8. Manaria Friends

  • Genres: Fantasy, School Life
  • Air Date: January 21 2019

Here, in this sacred and mysterious world, “People,” “Gods,” and “Magic” all exist, intertwined with each other.

Hailing from the Kingdom of Manaria, is the cheerful princess Anne. Grea is quiet, bashful, half-dragon princess. Starting from the moment that they meet, they begin their school lives at the Manaria Academy of Magic.

Manaria Friends Official PV

9. Mini Toji

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Action, Supernatural
  • Air Date: January 6 2019

These girls have to fight and choose not to fight each day?

The characters from the anime ‘Toji no Miko’ have all been shrunk down and have gathered!

Mini Toji Official PV

10. Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: October 6 2018

A penguin chick lives in Kyoto and her name is Chitose-chan. Chitose-chan is a fluffy and lovely penguin, and she loves eating delicious food and having fun. She wanders the streets of Kyoto led by her curiosity and meets people, eats delicious foods, and prays at shrines. This story is shown from the viewpoint of our penguin as she goes to places everyone knows in Kyoto like Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji, Gion and more…

Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan Official PV

11. Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan

  • Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Seinen, Omnibus
  • Air Date: January 9 2019

Ekoda-chan has worked various jobs including a telephone operator, a nude model, a hostess, and more. Even though she has a boyfriend, she isn’t taking anything seriously with him. She sees popular girls as her natural enemy and calls them ‘birds of prey’. Today too, she is wandering the capital.

This series will feature a new director for every episode and be told in an omnibus format.

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan Official PV

Special Add: Inzuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin

  • Genres: Sports
  • Air Date: October 5 2018

The Japan national football team, the Inazuma Eleven, have been announced! Amongst those names, Asuto Inamori, Ryouhei Haizaki, and Yuuma Nosaka, appear. The cream of the crop from all schools have now been chosen and gather. On top of this, a new ally named Mitsuru Ichihoshi who has played on another soccer team abroad, joins them. Now the new team truly sets out on the story seas of the world stage. However, the tests and trials that waited for them are exponentially beyond what they had imagined. Namely, a mysterious player known as ‘Orion’s apostle’.
Tactics, Betrayal, Clashing...

Now, all kinds of expectations swirl together as the Football World Championships FF1 (Football Frontier International) begins.

Japan! Spread your wings to the world!

Inzuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin Official PV

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