Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5: Inside the New Battle Pass

It’s that time again. Another 10 exciting weeks of new skins, emotes, and map content to enjoy in Fortnite Battle Royale. There’s a lot of new stuff to go through, and the way to earn them has been changed once again. Today we’re going to go through some of the most important changes so you don’t miss anything this time around.

New Skins to Unlock & More

There are 7 new skins to earn through the 100 tiers of the Season 5 Battle Pass, and you get 2 of them from the very first unlock. The Battle Pass also comes with new backblings and pickaxes as well. Several of the dance emotes are highly addictive, as well as the new Toys mechanic added to the game. Using a Toy will have your character throw a basketball, beach ball or use their pickaxe to sink a putt at the golf course. There’s a lot more to chase than in previous seasons.

Free vs. Paid

If you don’t have the 950 or 2800 V-Bucks to buy the Battle Pass or upgrade right away, that’s okay. As before, you can just casually play the game and when you do buy it you’ll have all your progress count towards where you ended on the free tiers. This time they’ve also added 3 challenges per week to earn free players Battlestars to upgrade faster. Before, free players got only the challenges at the start and were stuck grinding, now a portion of the 7 Battle Pass challenges has 3 available to all players. Complete the free challenges and, while doing so, you’ll have a chance to earn a few hundred V-Bucks to help, so get to grinding!

Road Trip Challenges

Players who did all the challenges in 7 weeks in Season 4 were able to unlock The Visitor’s skin, and everyone remembers just how hard it was to get those Risky Reels chests at the 7th week… This time around instead of Blockbuster its Road Trip, but the rewards and function are the same. Complete challenges every week and unlock a free bonus tier as well as a cool loading screen unlock. Do this 7 times in the season to earn the upcoming skin as well.

Progressive Skins

Many had to make a mad dash to unlock the lights on the Omega tier 100 skin from Season 4, and if you didn’t you’re out of luck, forever. However, that won’t be the case going forward. Like the Carbide and Omega skins, the new Drifter and Ragnarok skin require advancement to upgrade them fully. However, you can go at your own pace. Instead of season levels to unlock, they simply require XP that you can earn at any time in this season or the next. With the Drifter maxing out a 200,000 for a cool electrified kitsune costume and Ragnarok looking like a Viking variant of Diablo at 500,000. It’s a welcome change overall to how it worked last season.

Final Thoughts

We’re excited to unlock more from the Battle Pass and see what skins go on sale at the item shop. Any unlocks you’re looking forward to? We’re personally looking forward to the Breakdown dance at level 95! Let us know in the comments.

079 Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5: Inside the New Battle Pass


Author: Hercule SSJ

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